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People Said That I Was Mad to Sell My iPhone – Until I Got Something Better

by Soft2share.com

The mobile phone market has always inspired an almost tribal level of loyalty amongst some people. Back in the days when Nokia and Ericsson were the big boys in the industry, people were most definitely one or the other and woe betide anybody who suggested that theirs was better than yours. It became almost tantamount to slagging off somebody’s football team to criticise the Nokia’s build quality or the Ericsson’s usability.

Fast forward to 2013 and the debates still rage, with Apple iPhones going toe to toe with phones with Android and Windows operating systems. Even though the battle lines have been drawn, many supporters of their phones will support their chosen gadget until the bitter end.


Time for a change

Whilst infatuations with phones can often run deep, sometimes something has to give. When it became time to say goodbye to my trusty iPhone, I felt it may be time to cross the divide and give something new a whirl. Although people thought it crazy to jump to the other side, I’ve not looked back and the cash I earned selling my old iPhone helped me to get a fantastic new handset.

Whether you’re looking to switch phones, or simply upgrade to the latest iPhone model, selling your old handset online can certainly help towards the cost of your new phone. Fortunately, I managed to sell my iPhone here and you could too, setting you off on the journey to potentially finding a different sort of phone to support.

How the process works

Whether you are selling an iPhone, Android or Windows phone online, there are a number of steps you must take in order to get the most accurate valuation of your handset. You are firstly required to select the exact make and model of your phone from a list of handsets. The same can be said for seemingly innocuous details such as the colour of the handset. Some handset designs and colours are rare or limited editions, making them more valuable, so being specific could actually help you make money!

When talking about the condition of your phone, accuracy and honesty is again key. The valuation given is calculated based on all of the information given and will not be valid if your phone doesn’t match what you have said. If your phone has managed to pick up a scratched or cracked screen, this should be mentioned!

Once you have input all of your information, it is simply a case of packing up your phone, or phones, including the original chargers, leads and manuals carefully and waiting for a local courier to collect your package from your home on the date arranged. If you have the original box, it is best to use this, as it is designed to keep the phone safe in transit.

Peter Robinson has written articles about several tech subjects such as mobile phones for many years. When it came to him trading in his phone, he managed to sell his iPhone here.

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