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Pink Taxi the blockchain taxi offering safe transportation for women

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It may not be a universal truth, but public transportation may not be safer for women. There are several cases of eve-teasing, molestation and other kinds of issues that women generally face during their day to day itinerary – no matter whether their travel requirements are for offices, college or even for shopping.  One excellent option that can help women against the issues that they may face is Pink Taxi.

What is Pink Taxi?

Well, pink Taxi is world’s first Blockchain Taxi. More than being a Blockchain based Taxi, it is a taxi service that is solely operated by women. The unique concept has been operational in more than 18 countries.

The Pink Taxi is a revolution that works on dual purposes – providing a secure transportation for the women passengers and helping women grow economically by managing their own business in an independent way. It makes use of Blockchain technology for running the show.

How Does The Blockchain Taxi Work?

Pink Taxi makes use of an innovative technology of Blockchain and plans to offer solutions to the issues that women face in the modern transportation sector. Lack of standard practices, training issues, and performance measures are some of the areas that this Blockchain Taxi is attempting to solve.

In fact, even the cab companies are welcome to join the Pink Taxi revolution. That can go a long way in offering the better reputation for the cab company. Pink Taxi plans to streamline the taxi industry through the use of a proper driver database. In fact, a proper driver database would be the first step towards implementing strict guidelines for the performance and behaviour of a driver. Pink Taxi integrates a decentralised driver database, thanks to the fact that it being a blockchain taxi.

It has a smartphone application that a normal user would be able to use so that they would find licensed drivers and the top performers among them. The app can also be used by drivers as well to maximise their business and customer appreciation.

What Does Pink Taxi Offer?

The Pink Taxi revolution is designed to offer you several benefits and achieves it through the use of Pink Taxi ICO. They have launched a in use token in the form Pink Taxi Token labelled PTT for all the transactions on Pink Taxi.

If you are investing in Pink Taxi through Taxi Token ICO, you would get free rides. This can go a long way in improving the performance of the drivers as well. It will bring ahead the standardisation in the taxi industry so that the passengers will be assured of safer travel with secure transactions and authorised drivers.

The well-known cybersecurity expert, Mr. John McAfee who has been a staunch supporter of cryptocurrencies have been vocal about the project and its effectiveness in making protection of women paramount in a male-dominated society. You can check his tweet in favour of Pink Taxi ICO on Twitter.  Here is the link for his tweet –


The Concluding Thoughts

Pink Taxi has been a revolution by any standard. Aimed at providing safety for women in a male-dominated industry, it has also been instrumental in making the life easier for the women by helping them have control over their professional life.

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, it can be your best prospect, thanks to the fact that apart from letting you invest in your favourite option it also makes you a part of a social cause.


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