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Planning Your Perfect Romantic Trip to Australia

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Gabe Saunders is a tourism expert with an interest in the newest industry trends, such as the use of campervan relocations, and how they can benefit travelers and influence travel plans in Australia and New Zealand.



You can find romantic holiday opportunities anywhere in the world, but there is no question that the best experiences come when you find a destination that is filled with awe and natural beauty. When most people think of romantic holidays, they automatically think “honeymoon,” but the truth is that you can indulge yourself and your partner in romantic travel whenever you want.

Australia is one country that offers a myriad of opportunities for romantic travel; here are some pointers to help you plan such a trip Down Under.

The Type of Trip to Take

Several hotels in Australia’s greatest cities offer romantic experiences. A penthouse suite in Sydney, overlooking the Sydney Harbor area, an exclusive room in Brisbane overlooking the river and park, or waterfront accommodation in Melbourne offering breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay, are just three examples of places where romance can blossom.

However, as good as all of these cities and ideas are, the best way to experience Australia is to take as much of it in as possible. When planning your romantic trip, make it a driving holiday. Not only will you get to see more of Australia, but you’re also guaranteed vast swathes of time when it is just the two of you.

Planning Where to Go

Admittedly, just jumping into a campervan and heading off into the outback might sound romantic, but you do need to have some idea of the places you want to travel.

As we’ve given you three ideas for where to head in the cities, we’ll look elsewhere at the places that will give you a great opportunity to get lost in each other.


If you only go to one place during your Australian travels, make sure it’s here. Uluru has all of the ingredients needed for the perfect romantic experience. A magical landscape, a stunning sunset (and sunrise), and great food and drink supplied by the Aboriginal people who live here, make it the standout place to visit in Australia.

Many people are put off Uluru by the long slog of driving there. Trust us it’s worth it.

Daintree Rainforest

What is romantic about a rainforest? Normally, that is a question we’d agree it is fair to ask, however you’ll have no worries on this front with Daintree.

Whether you’re walking through the dense shrubs with your tour guide, taking a water cruise down the river as you spot crocodiles, or you are relaxing together in one of the accommodation huts within the forest, the whole atmosphere at Daintree is encapsulating and it will mesmerize you.

Daintree Rainforest is very close to Cairns, which itself has a great beach and is perfect for romantic couples looking for seclusion and privacy.

The Great Ocean Road

If you’ve planned to stay in the south of Australia, then this drive gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy romance every step of the way, whether it is through champagne picnics on the beach or romantic meals in the towns you’ll visit during the trip.

It is one of the world’s most famous driving routes, so you might not be experiencing it alone, but even with dozens of other couples; it is still a route worth checking out.

Romance Down Under

Outside of the cities, the best way to enjoy romance in Australia is to be at one with the natural landscape and surroundings as much as possible. Embrace the outdoors, and you’ll find you have a trip that neither of you will ever forget.


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