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PMP Certification In Houston And Big Projects-

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What is PMP Certification?

Project Management Certification, also known as PMP Certification is a type of business designation given to professionals, pursuing their computing career. The designation is handed out to them by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The professionals need to achieve a certain amount of criteria before they’re made eligible to be applying for this certification. After an application is considered, candidates have to undergo a lengthy and time-consuming exam, and only after clearing that, they’re awarded the Project Management Certification.

This PMP certificate, though not compulsory, but yet is valued too much by many major companies. Professionals who have the certificate are given more priority and credit.  This certification is actually a value that represents the employees’ dedication, determination, ability, and potential.

This certification demands from the employees that they know the challenges, concepts thoroughly to take the on-field project.  The range is wide and so is expected from the employees.  It is also expected that they will have a whole lot of personal experience in hand.


Candidates must have at least a minimum of 7,500 hours of project management work experience, along with 35 hours of related education. Or they might have a relevant four-year degree course with 4,500 hours of experience leading and 35 hours of project management work.

This certification is very beneficial for all the employees and professionals to go forward in their career and PMI has hundreds and thousands of employees working all around the world, with offices in almost all big cities and countries.

Now, after Project Management Certification, comes the next heavy issue-

Gain Efficient Management Skills 

To manage a big project, it requires many steps and the most important of all perseverance and persistence.

In simplest ways, we can break the steps as-

  1. Initiation– The 1st step in handling a big project is its initiation. Settling down with the concept and chalking them out includes the most basic primary step. 
  2. Planning– The 2nd step in managing is the planning of the project. As to collect information regarding the 4W’s of your project: What, Where, When, and How’s of the project.
  3. Execution-The 3rd step consists of executing the project according to the plans. This is the step when you’ve to manage the team, the customers, and every other single detail and see how the plan is working. 
  4. Monitoring- Monitoring is a necessary step as this is the step where you find out the flaws in your execution and come up with ideas to rectify them and make them even better.
  5. Evaluation-This is the step where you wrap up the entire project and evaluate the turnovers, profits, and losses. At the end of this step, you sit down and try to think of what you can do to make your next project more profitable and engaging.

For handling all the projects efficiently and with more ease, you might need a Project Management Certificate. 

PMP Certification in Houston- What You Should Know?

Project Management Professional Exam or the PMP certification helps to earn an average of 25% over the others who don’t have one in Houston. PMP certification is just the right boost up you might need in your career breakthrough and will provide you with all the necessary information required about knowledge, resources essential for the next step. 

The PMP Certification in Houston acts as a demonstration to employees, customers i.e. a sign of reliable knowledge, performance, having exquisite experience. Many companies have made the PMP certification compulsory to be qualified for the job of a project manager. 

There are several centers that give training for this PMP certificate at a much reasonable cost, with all the necessary knowledge required for cracking the exam.

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