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Postoplan App features

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App features

From hundreds of social media marketing automation tools; POSTOPLAN has garnered critical attention in terms of user benefits, a faster and more reliable social media marketing automation tool. If you want to do social media marketing, you need to post at least 2-3 posts every day on your social media.

But the biggest problem is that posting messages at a specific time every day is really very difficult. This is why I use postoplan app for social media marketing. And so I am going to share my personal experience and review this software. This software will help you in many ways with automatic schedule posting and social media posting.

What is postoplan?

POSTOPLAN is an intelligent automated social networking and messaging marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule and promote content on social media platforms. It is an award-winning service trusted by over 25,000 professionals and companies in 147 countries.

It is a one-stop platform where you can post to Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business page, Linkedin, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, WordPress and Slack. And the good thing is that you can schedule posts and the post will automatically post to your social channels.

Why Postoplan?

Do you have multiple pages on different social networks? You know, maintaining social media accounts attract few customers. You post, but your follower count increases slightly and you don’t get customers. If you regularly post your content to social media, you can increase your traffic and followers from social media. And regular posting is one of the key factors in social media marketing.

  • Relieve stress: POSTOPLAN will notify you of the status of each scheduled post or message. Don’t worry if your post is published or not.
  • Save time: Scheduled publishing with POSTOPLAN simplifies a well-organized workflow, freeing up more of your precious time.
  • Automate your work: for example, create a promotion message that will be posted every Friday. Our system will do the rest.
  • Create content easily: POSTOPLAN offers samples and templates for scheduled publications and news feeds for every day. Content creation has never been faster!

Postplan features

  • Unlimited addition of frequently used hashtags
  • Unlimited communication with clients on Facebook
  • Unlimited reply to Facebook comments
  • Facebook – pages and groups
  • Telegram – groups and channels
  • Twitter – accounts
  • Google – business accounts
  • Instagram – feed and stories
  • LinkedIn – Company Pages and Personal Profile
  • Whatsapp – groups
  • Customize interface design
  • Integration with Slack and WordPress
  • Calendar with dates and holidays
  • Project user roles
  • More than 1 photo in a post
  • Refusal from advertising mailings from partners
  • Ad-free interface


You have read the detailed review and I think you understand if it will be useful to you. Even so, if you ask me, I will tell you that when you think about the price, I love the service they offer at that price. With postoplan app, your content is automatically published on a schedule and is seen by more and more people. With regular posting, your reach will increase by 30-70%. Is free.

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