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Practical Tips For Buying Luxurious Blankets And Throws

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In the cold chilly winter, who doesn’t want to wrap into Luxurious Blankets And Throws and spend time with the family, or simply pick up a book to read with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate, or watch a movie.

Luxurious blankets and throws are now an essential part of our living rooms and bedrooms. They add color to our rooms, bring us warmth and comfort and blend with the overall theme of our home. When chosen carefully with the correct fabrics and colors, they fit in with our home decor and present us a picture of harmony and balance.

There is a huge variety of luxurious blankets and throws available in the market today. Whether you are looking to give a touch of extra warmth to your bedrooms, or a stylish touch to your living rooms, you will find them as a perfect addition to any space.

Different varieties of blankets and throws serve different seasons. Lighter weight versions are ideal for summers, while heavier weight versions are useful for winter. Some folks keep an extra pair for guests.

Shopping for luxurious blankets and throws
In case you are looking to buy some blankets and throws for your home, it is worthwhile to know their sizes and fabrics, in order to find the perfect piece:

Fabrics for blankets and throws:

Cashmere wool
Sourced from Cashmere goats found in Tibet, India, and Pakistan, Cashmere wool is ideal for throws and blankets. It is strong, light, and extremely soft. Cashmere is considered as the ultimate in luxury because of its warmth and fine texture that provides a comfortable feel to users and gives them fantastic insulation in the cold winter nights.

Organic cotton
Organic cotton fabric is soft, breathable and long lasting. Blankets and throws made from organic cotton do not trap air and so provide a comfortable sleep at any time during the day. What’s more, even after multiple washes, the fabric remains durable and easy to maintain.

Fleece is very soft, lightweight yet warm, but made out of acrylic fibers. It is comfortable and cozy, and also light on the pocket. Hence, people like buying throws and blankets made from fleece.

Alternative Mink
Alternative Mink is a lustrous fur-like material made from synthetic fibers that resembles the soft and smooth texture of animal fur. It has a luxurious appearance and suitable for eye-catching throws.

Microplush/ Microlight/ Microtec
This fabric is ultra-soft, non-pilling, and thick and therefore suitable for use in blankets and throws, either stand alone or layered with a comforter, quilt or coverlet. Blankets and throws made from it are comfortable as well as affordable.

Down fabric
Down fabric comprise goose and duck feathers that are used to make the blanket thick and fluffy. It is an effective insulator that will keep you cool in summers and warm in winter. If you want a high quality fabric that is insulated, then a blanket or a throw made with down will be a good choice.

Electric blanket
Electric blankets have certain advantages over conventional luxury blankets and throws. They are made from synthetic fibers that have an adjustable thermostat with a heating element running throughout the throw or a blanket that allows you to control the temperature. Electric blankets are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

Sizes of blankets and throws:
Throws: 50 by 60 inches
Double: 80 by 90 inches.
Queen: 90 by 90 to 100 inches.
King: 108 by 90 to 100 inches.

This guide will be handy when you are buying luxurious blankets and throws for your home either online or at a store.

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