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Pros and Cons of Selecting a Freelancer or Professional Design Firm

by Soft2share.com

Companies look to have the advantage over their rivals right for the word go. There are many ways in a company based in Dubai can get their hands on many firms offering assistance to you. But there times when a startup/small company need a freelancer just to make sure that they can provide them help for a little task. In this case, freelance web designers in Dubai can be of immense help to companies.

Let me offer you what would happen if you want to go for a professional designer working in a firm and then a designer working as a freelance. Let me offer you both the scenarios so that as a small firm owner/startup/entrepreneur you can guess what’s better for you.

A Professional Web Design Firm for you

Unless you are a web designer yourself, or have access to a dedicated in-house web development team, you need to bring in a professional web design firm to help with your website project. A lot of websites offer a range of services that can be impossible to look at. The good news is, if you’ve done your homework, you should already have a fair idea of what you want out of your website, who it is aimed at and the sort of features you want to include.

Look at their own website: in trying to assess the relative merits of a web design company, the best place to start is with their own website. What is their site like? Examine it with a critical eye. Does it look professional? Is it functional? Think about what they are trying to achieve, and how well the site addresses the needs of its target audience (you, in this case). Is it easy to find what you want? Is it enough for you to offer the nod or is it not good enough? It’s time to decide so take our time. In this regard.

Examine their portfolio: practically every web design firms offer an online portfolio showing recent website projects they have worked on. Look at these – but go beyond the portfolio pages and click through to the actual websites themselves.

Now that you have gone through how to look for a professional firm, let me offer you how as a freelancer what it likes to be on the lookout for a work.

Finding a Freelancer: What to Look for?

For a freelancer, the portfolio can be really important as it is his arsenal that he needs to show to the world. There are many ways in which a freelancer need to concentrate on the word of mouth. I am not underestimating the power of social media but a freelancer needs to have some luck also riding on his side. Competing with the big companies in Dubai and the entire MENA region is no mean feat so that you need to make sure you are laced with all the skills that are trending in the market as a potential customer of yours can ask from you.

Final Word

I am sure that you are now aware of what it takes for going for a professional firm and a freelancer needs to go about his job. Please offer your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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