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Psychology treatment through the NDIS

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How can NDIS help my child?

Current statistics and data indicate that approximately 20 percent of Australians have a permanent disability or medical illness that has a major impact on their daily lives and participate in their social, family, personal and professional obligations. Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), people aged 65 years or less have another means of receiving support and services such as allied support workers and health care therapists. The scheme also covers the financing of technological equipment and devices that improve a person’s performance.

The scheme mixes with children with a serious and chronic medical condition and usually engages in services such as support workers to help them meet their basic self-care needs, treatments with occupational therapists, psychologists, and physiotherapists, and they can obtain financing for the purchase of necessary equipment such as a wheelchair or Hearing aids.

How do I get psychiatric treatment through NDIS for my child?

The first step to becoming an NDIS participant is to visit the official NDIS website and learn about their requirements to benefit from the program. Essentially, potential participants must demonstrate their disability and their impact on their lives. This generally includes providing documented evidence such as reports or messages from doctors and other health professionals. If your child’s major difficulties require the introduction of psychology, reports, and letters of support from the GP of your child, psychiatrist, or psychiatrist are often needed.

NDIS employees will also want to visit you and your child at home to gauge how your child’s condition has affected their ability to lead an independent and meaningful life. The purpose of this meeting is also to get to know the goals for your child, and what is the purpose of the funding. The NDIS evaluator will make decisions about the amount of funding to be allocated, as well as the areas in which the funding will be distributed. All of this will depend on the severity of your child’s condition, where and how NDIS will be able to meet its unique needs. If your child is to receive some NDIS funding, the plan periods are usually one year, and you will be assigned to the NDIS Coordinator. This could be the contact person in NDIS and will guide you through the process.

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