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Questions to Think About When Choosing Surgical Instruments Suppliers

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Running your own private practice or home care service can be both a stressful and rewarding job. So many decisions go into the process of running your own business, especially a business in the medical field. From large questions like where to lease a space for your business to small questions like what type of decor should be in your office, you have plenty on your plate when it comes to your business. Choosing between Surgical Instruments Suppliers, however, should be easy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about who to use for your surgical instrument supplier.

Do They Carry My Preferred Brands?

We are all creatures of habit. When we can, we like to stick to our preferred brands of anesthesia, gloves, or sutures. MedXcess is a surgical instruments supplier with over a hundred brands of medical supplies in their inventory. MedXcess carries brands from Abeena to Synthes and more.

With an intuitive website, Med-Xcess.com directs you to their page of brands so that you can search for exactly what you need with ease. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, you can send an inquiry directly to the company online.

Are They Affordable?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to medical supplies is the affordability. We know you want to keep your costs at a minimum so you can focus on your patients rather than the bills piling up. MedXcess prides itself on the fact that their surgical supplies come at a fraction of the cost than their competitors. You can purchase a Synthes® 4.0mm TI cancellous bone screw fully threaded for only $35 USD or 3-0 prolene™ Suture, 18″ (45 cm), PC-5 conventional for $130 USD – both incredible prices!

The MedXcess business model focuses on selling directly to you, their client, rather than third party retailers. By removing the middleman, you save money upfront when buying medical supplies. MedXcess often has overstock deals and prices, so make sure to sign up for email alerts so that you are always in the loop about the best deals on the market.

How Fast Can I Receive an Order?

Getting caught up in patient care is normal. Sometimes, you look at your inventory and realize you need more 10ml Luer-Lok™ tip syringes. MedXcess can often send your order out within a business week. No matter where you are located, MedXcess can ship to you. If, for some reason, a mistake is made and you need to return an order, MedXcess also offers free return shipping on any unopened products before thirty days. Refunds are issued within four weeks after the return is made. MedXcess cares about your business and wants to give you the best shipping experience possible.

Will They Be Able to Understand My Needs?

Like the old adage goes: Small business knows small business. MedXcess started when founders, Dave and Leslie Record, decided to pursue their own business. Their combined years of experience in medicine mean they understood how to procure the best medical supplies for the best cost ratio. They understand the struggles of small practices versus large conglomerates and started their business to help you achieve your highest goals.

Choosing a medical device supplier should not be hard. MedXcess provides multitudes of high quality products, brands, and deals every day and they’re always happy to help you find the products you need. So, think about MedXcess next time you need to order more inventory. When it comes to surgical instruments suppliers, MedXcess beats out all other competition. Order from their website and receive twenty percent off your first order, today!

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