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Quickbooks Accounting Software – The Best Option for your Business

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QuickBooks has been around for quite over two decades now. It is indeed one of the best accounting software for the businesses that do not have much transactions. We mean, QuickBooks Accounting Software is the best for small businesses. Let us go into the details of the tool to understand it for better.

What is QuickBooks Accounting Software?

Well, QuickBooks is the accounting software introduced by Intuit. The company has gained enough name in the arena of accounting software.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

The tool offers you many customisation options. The automated tool ensures that you save time you spend in completing the tasks involved in account keeping. The accounting software has been adjudged one of the top tools as long as accounting software programs are concerned. It has some innovative features that set it apart from the competitors. The well integrated service lets you save your efforts in managing your accounts. The Quickbooks Accounting Software is part of business invoicing software and provide you complete business solution.

Some salient features of the Service

QuickBooks Accounting Software ensures that you can use it effortlessly for your business requirements. It offers you over 60 different reports to get a fair idea about the health of your business.

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Some of the features that make it one of the best options are

  • Multiple Options for Online Payments– QuickBooks Accounting Software solutions offer you multiple payment options. The tool also lets you make partial payments as well.
  • Elimination of double entries– QuickBooks accounting software solutions are well integrated with QuickBooks platform so that double entries are done away with. The software has been designed to reduce errors.
  • Instant status about payments– Merchant Account Solutions integrates so well with QuickBooks solutions that it ensures you get real time updates about your payment approvals or decline.
  • Handle any kind of payment– QuickBooks accounting software can process all your transactions – no matter which platform they are on – with ease. It can handle all the modes of payments – be it credit card, debit card, or other sorts of transactions. It offers custom made solutions for any sort of business.


Merchant Accounts Solutions offer you custom made quotes based on the size and type of your establishment. It has a B rating of profiling.

To get a quote, you will need to go through a detailed sign up process. On signing up, you will get a free start up kit. The website states that the charges would be as low as 0.35 percent. Go to the official site and sign up with your email ID, phone number and company name. The signing up process provides easy installation, and free chip card terminals among other benefits.

Get in touch with the Merchant Account Solutions on 866-925-5007. Please note that this is a US number.

In Conclusion

The QuickBooks integration with Merchant Account Solutions is the best option for your accounting needs. The easy to learn software is best suited for small businesses. The customer support too is commendable. It is one of the best accounting software tool you can use.

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