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Reasons For Fire Hose Reel Failure And Testing To Ensure Its Proper Functioning

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Each one of us might have seen a big red reel encased in a glass structure near the staircase of any commercial high rise or other building. This is a fire hose reel that is used to douse off the fire if the building catches. Since the hose is not used frequently; there are chances that it might stand unfit for use when the time comes.

There was an incident when the technicians had to literally struggle to pull out the hose and use it to douse the flame. Every second counts when it comes to an emergency like a fire outbreak. Therefore, according to the experts, one has to carry out fire hose reels testing frequently to ascertain it is operational in times of need.

Common Fire Hose Reel Failure

There are several reasons behind the hose failure. However, the most common ones are—

  • Using the hose, clamp or fitting in an application where it is not meant to be used. Experts cite this to be the biggest reason for failure.
  • Abrupt exposure to temperature resulting in the formation of static electricity, cracking, discoloration, or hardness of the surface
  • Excessive working pressure might also lead to fire hose reel failure
  • The entire system has a prescribed minimum allowable bend. If it exceeds the minimum bend radius, then the chances are there that the hose will fail.
  • Using the system with fluid or tube that is not compatible with the cover or tube
  • Everything has a life and so has the hose. Over the years, the quality of the hose degrades. In order to ensure that one does not face last moment hassle, fire hose reels testingstands important.
  • Using the incorrect length of the hose causing excessive stress on the entire system
  • Twisting the entire hose system during the installation period or during service.
  • Keeping the Fire Hose Reel in the Best of its Form :
  • Another crucial thing apart from fire hose reels testing is the proper usage and maintenance post usage. According to the professionals, most of the incidents of hose failure have been reported because of mishandling or improper usage. This is why one should ensure that the entire system is kept precisely in the prescribed way or in the way it should have been.
  • Fire Hose Reels Testing- What to look out for?

To ascertain that the entire system functions well in time of need, what is necessary to make sure that it undergoes routine checking. According to the experts, there are several things that are included in fire hose reels testing. A complete test procedure comprises of the following check-up—

  • Leakages in the hose system to ascertain it exerts the same prescribed pressure
  • Testing of anchor points, hose guide, and fittings every 12 months
  • ●      Testing of the swingarm, nozzle interlocking as per the operating instructions

Conclusion :

The requirement is to ascertain thorough and proper testing of the system so as to ascertain that one does not face the hassles during the time of emergency. Fire hose reels testing should be carried out by experts for the best result and peace of mind.

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