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Reasons to use POS software

by Soft2share.com

There are a few things that you have to know about the POS terminal and you need to know how it works in proper way because when you are running a card in to it then it has to go through a few different steps and for that you have to give it some time like a few minutes to complete the process. These few minutes are far less than the time you will take when you have to do all that manually. You can also have the X-ray baggage inspection system to increase the level of security and you will often see these kinds of systems on the airports. To know more about how the POS software in UAE will work, you have to read this:

Firs you have to swipe the card of the customer in to the machine and some of them will have the option to put the card in that and then you have to wait for a minute because it is trying to read the information from the card check that whether the card is valid and it should accept the payment from that or not.

After that it will try to detect that how much funds in there in the bank account of the customer and it will never shows that to anyone so the customers can use that without any fear. When you use that then it will detect that whether the bank account has the amount which is to be deducted or not because if the account will not have enough amount then it will indicate that and you can return the card to your customers and ask for cash payment or any other way to pay you.

Once it detects that there is enough money in the account then it will deduct that and the amount will be the exact same which you enter in to the machine and if the customer has the option of getting the message alert then they will get to know about the payment deduction at the same time and also they will get to know about the amount as well.

After that it will keep the record on your computer and also provides a printed receipt which you have to hand over to your customer so they know about the transaction they did there.

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