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Reasons why Brands should consider Live Video Shopping

by Soft2share.com

Today live video shopping has gained huge traction among brands and consumers. Studies reveal that 80% of customers would rather watch a live stream than read blogs or articles. 

Live videos deliver content in an engaging and interactive format, facilitating an enjoyable experience for consumers. This yields higher conversion rates over other content types. There are many perks of leveraging live stream shopping as a sales enabler. Its advantages are even more pronounced now when a majority of countries are facing the consequences of the pandemic.

Live Shopping is highly engaging because of its live nature. It presents an outstanding opportunity for retailers and brands to connect with their audience, generate easy but interactive content, and forge strong customer relationships.

Furthermore, it does not take a lot of resources to start your own live selling journey. Having a reliable live shopping platform is all you require. 

Let us now decode the reasons why brands should consider live video shopping.

Live Shopping increases customer engagement

Customer Engagement can be defined as an emotional connection between a brand and its customers. When customers are engaged well they buy more, promote more, and stay loyal to a brand. Hence customer engagement is really important for brands. If you don’t have a customer engagement strategy, you could be missing opportunities to engage with your shoppers and build a relationship with them. 

Live commerce offers a sense of proximity and immediacy which makes customers stop what they’re doing and tune in. Live shopping makes the whole experience more visceral and is undoubtedly a great way to grab the audience’s attention.

Live shopping enables viewers to comment and interact with you in real-time, making it more engaging & you’re able to look your shoppers directly in their eyes and address them by name, thus constantly encouraging active engagement.

Live Content is Interactive

Interactive content is kind of like the hottest new thing going around. Interactive content is a type of content that requires audience participation and active engagement. And opting for a live commerce platform is the best way to offer interactive content to your audiences. 

Interactive content opens up the door for discussion between brands and their customers in a more meaningful way. Live stream shopping offers a highly personalized experience that is extremely valuable and appealing to the viewers.

Live Shopping humanizes your brand

Live streaming shopping gives a face to your brand which helps to humanize your brand. One of the best ways to humanize your brand is by storytelling.

Does your brand have a unique history, purpose, or goal? Letting your customer know about your brand’s story, its history, purpose, etc via live video shopping is an impactful way to communicate value to your customers. You can also show real people behind your brand while clearly communicating the purpose of your video. This helps customers deepen their relationship with your brand and learn more about your overall identity. 

Live shopping provides instant feedback

Live online shopping offers two-way communication. Audiences have access to hosts as they are creating content on the other end. Audiences can converse, provide feedback, and leave comments, which hosts can reply to in real-time.

This ensures the active participation of customers. Additionally, it allows brands to know what customers think of their products then and there. When feedback comes from audiences during a live shopping show you can adapt to customer’s preferences and keep your offers competitive. 

Let’s look at some of the tips that will help you turn your live shopping show into a success. 

Know your target audience
Choose a reliable live stream shopping platform
Answer questions and listen to your audience
Get the right person in front of the camera
Focus on your content
Multistream your live shopping show
Promote your show before you go life
Have fun while hosting a live shopping show

Wrapping it up

Live online shopping is still in the early adoption stage. By catching on to this technology, you can ride the next wave in video technology to your benefit. With channelize.io live shopping platform, drive customer engagement, boost sales, and be the innovator in the retail industry.

Also with our platform, you can have a way of measuring the results of your live shopping show. With analytics tracking, you can measure the success of your show. The analytics for your show will tell you how effective your content is, and what you need to modify. The data you collate will help you improve your live selling strategy.

Furthermore, once you’re through with your live shopping show, you can leverage the video just like regular videos in your blogs, on your social media, etc. This gives you an opportunity to repurpose your video in any way you want, to suit your future requirements. 

To know more about our Live Shopping Platform you can visit our solution page or get in touch with us at info@channelize.io.

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