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Recent DDoS Attacks and Reason behind Them

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What is DDoSattacks :

Feeling strange without knowing what is DDoS attack? As per cyber security, DDoS or DoS attack are most feared attack among others. This attack can able to make users feel like original website is experiencing outage of its resources. These attacks are mainly seen in small to large organizations and also in business sector so as to make a financial crisis for them. Actually this attack shows like its traffic are from multiple sources so it’s not practically possible to block all these IPs in a stretch. These attacks expands to further three possibilities or categories. They are Volumetric Attacks, TCP State-Exhaustion Attacks and Application Layer Attacks.


Recent DDoS Attacks:

There are some recent attacks in which some payment gateways like Visa and MasterCard suffered a lot. Apart from these, Twitter and WordPress also affected by these attacks to some extent.Many business and other organizations are still suffering from these DDoS attacks and fighting back seriously. But sometimes all internet service provider should coordinate themselves to help fighting back against these attackers. In 2011 Sony experience a huge attack in which they lost their customers Credit card data. That too over 12 million!

Why these many large amount of attack?

There are some specific reasons why these DoS and DDoS attacks are threat to security analyst. Also these attacks are executed by collection of malware infected attacker’s computer. That is how an attacker manage to get thousands of computers or sources to do this attack successfully. These malware can install software’s on victim’s computer even without their knowledge. These multiple malware injected machines are known as botnets. These kind of large DDoS attack cannot be said as a random selection! This would be definitely some money earning chance for an attacker because client has to pay about $100 per day to rent a botnet!

Precautions and safety methods:

Actually can we stop DDoS attack completely? Exact answers is NO! Butlet’s start defending it. One of well-known defending method is by use of “SYN Cookies”. This can be implemented in Server OS or in network to increase efficiency such as in Cisco Guard. These SYN can be used to track all incoming TCP connections so that Typical SYN flood can be decreased to an extent to save from overwhelmed stack.

There is also an effective method to take a precaution against this using reverse proxies. This is done by making collection of reverse proxies from multiple servers. It is something like bouncing back the attack. When multiple sources attack our server, we give back bouncing from our reverse proxies and split incoming attack into several pieces.

But there is also some disadvantages in these DDoS defenses, that is our system security analyst or IT professional cannot able to generate much more traffic in actual network connection than hacker does. What else we can do is making our attacker more difficult to get into our system by making more reverse proxies.

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