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Recover My Files Free with Recoverit Data Recovery

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Losing the data or important files on your PC is a serious concern. In fact, it can indeed be a nightmare. There can be several reasons that may affect your PC and cause data loss. You have access to a host of applications or tools that can help you recover your files with ease. In case you are looking for an option for recovering my files, you may come across several tools that help you recover your files with ease.

What Causes Data Loss on your PC?

Well, there can be several reasons that can cause data loss on your PC. Most of the reasons tend to be the most common causes and have a lot to do with how we handle our data.

Some likely causes that can result in data loss include

  • Accidental Deletion – The simplest reason can be an accidental deletion and you may have overlooked an important data and deleted it. Losing information can happen in this manner if we do not have a proper strategy in place in terms of backups.
  • Power Failures – Sudden power failures if you do not have a proper UPS supply in place can result in serious issues with respect to your hard drive. They can create operation system failures as well in many cases.
  • Hard Drive Failures – Hard drive failure are one of the most common occurrences that may affect your system. In case the hard drive has serious concerns in terms of mechanical issues, it could be quite difficult to recover your files.
  • Virus and malware – Staying connected to the internet can have its own repercussions. Most of these malware attacks can serious issues to your operating system.

How to Recover My Files With RecoverIT Data Recovery?

If you have lost your precious data, you may make use of recovery software option for your needs. Of course, you may find several tools that can be helpful in recovering your lost files.

One of the tools that can be helpful is RecoverIt  File Recovery Software from Wondershare. It can work with around different file formats and help you recover almost all your lost files.

RecoverIt Data Recovery – An Overview

RecoverIt Data Recovery should be your ideal data recovery software and comes with a recovery rate of over 96%. The tool offers powerful scan functionality that can help you recover almost all your important files with ease. Some of the features that should make it an excellent option include a faster response time, an intuitive interface and the last byte recovery functionality.

It can handle multiple data loss scenarios. Some of the situations it can handle are Deleted Files Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, Virus Attack Data Recovery and System Crash Data Recovery. RecoverIt can work with over 550 different file formats. Images, multimedia files, documents, emails, archives – you name it and the tool should be able to handle it effectively. The tool works with a three step functionality – Select, Scan and Recover. As simple as that!

The tool should be the best option for your needs especially when you are a newbie in the realm of data recovery.

Steps to Recover My Files  with RecoverIt

Here are the steps you need to follow if you are looking to recover my files full with Recoverit.

  • Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery Software
  • Launch a recovery mode. Choose Deleted Files Recovery.
  • Next screen will show the drives to choose from. Choose the drive you want to recover files from.
  • Click on Start.
  • The tool will begin scanning the selected drive. The exact time taken will be dependent upon the size of the drive.
  • If you are unable to find the requisite file, you can click on All Around Recovery.
  • Once the scan is completed, you can preview the files and recover the ones that you want to.
  • Preview the files and select them. You can choose the files in batch.
  • Click on Recover.
  • Choose the folder that you would want the recovered files to be saved.

Please note that you should not save the files to the same drive that you have lost them from. This can further make you lose the files again if the drive has any issues.

The Parting Thoughts

Recoverit helps you opt for an effortless data recovery. We tried using it to recover files from our external drives as well. In fact, the software works seamlessly through a wide range of application areas. The software functioned seamlessly with all the use cases we threw at it.

That should make it an excellent option for recovering your files with a high degree of success. The simplicity of the tool would make it a great choice for all your needs even when you have no hands on technical experience. Go for the option to recover my files download with Recoverit today and live a peaceful life.


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