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5 technologies to rent in business conferences

by Soft2share.com

Business events are one of the most important marketing strategies for entrepreneurs in 2018. Though traditional marketing has largely been replaced with digital trends, business events still remain the most important tactic for many business owners. There is no doubt the recent flux of technology has transformed many businesses entirely and professional gatherings also. The entire industry now depends on technology. Trade shows, conferences, seminar, product launch exhibitions all are driven by technology as the most important ingredient. Here we are sharing a list of 5 most important technologies that organizers should rent for any business gathering.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is the most important technology at business surface nowadays. It has struck the industry with booming force and a sheer bit of usability. The flux of the technology is continuously on the rise with Facebook investing $2billion in VR technology. Many big brands like Samsung and Sony are also coming up with their VR products. Virtual reality can be used in any type of event whether conference, seminar or meeting. VR technologies can engage attendees for a longer period of time. As the technology is rather new and only introduced a couple of years ago, many people try to get their hands on it.

Many VR technology rentals companies offer virtual reality at cheap prices. So, small and home business owners can easily leverage them.


iPad has been ruling the events industry for many years. And its popularity is not seen going down in near future. It has tons of applications and benefits. AV and iPad rental services  from https://www.tablethire.com at cheap and affordable prices also make it worth investing in. But, the main reason for its popularity is that it can be used in a variety of places. Many organizations use iPads with screen sharing software in place of giant LED walls to offer their attendees more control. Also, an iPad in the hands of an attendee can also increase attendee-speaker interaction.

Though iPad is a costly device, small, mid or it is wise for big level companies to leverage tablet or iPad rental services as they cost cheap. Also, you do not have to update technologies again and again.

LED video walls:

Among the most used audiovisual technologies is the giant LED screens. These screens can display your message to a couple of 100 feet. During a conference where there is a large number of gathering, companies use giant video walls to show important facts and figures. LED video wall is the best tool to spread your message to a large audience in conference or a trade show.

Charging station:

Though the smartphone arena has innovated manifold, the battery issue is still present. The talk time for any branded or non-branded smartphone is not more than 10 hrs. Due to heavy display options and a number of sensors battery drops so easily that most of the time people have to suffer. The importance of being online can also not be neglected. So, many companies hire charging stations for their events. While a user is charging his/her smartphone, you can leverage that time to conduct some survey or gather important information.


Robots are the latest technology to make entry into the business arena. The basic idea behind using robots in conference or business events is not to use them for a specific purpose but to make an unforgettable experience. Therefore, robots are used by some companies to greet or welcome their customers. Advanced models of such robots are also able to completely guide the audience about whole event venue.

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