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Responsive Web Design and Its Utility for Businesses

by Soft2share.com

Websites are important. Mobile searches are rising at a phenomenal rates. So, why not have website that caters to desktop users in the same manner as it does to mobile ones? After all, it would be inconvenient to have a separate website for your desktop users and for mobile users.

With responsive design, you needn’t go the separate way; rather, your can have a website equally perfect for both set of users – mobile and desktop. Responsive design is the latest buzz in the domain of web design with businesses lapping it up like never before.

Utility of responsive design

In 2015, searches from mobile went past those from the desktop and it was surely a landmark event. With this, it became clear that more and more users now access the web through mobile. In this light, you should understand the utility of responsive design –

With responsive design –

  • You need not invest in websites for mobiles
  • A single website will be sufficient to help you meet your goals
  • Your business will capture the mobile users without much of investment

Benefits of responsive design

Quite clearly, businesses stand to gain a lot with responsive design and they should not ignore it at any cost. This is after all the way to cater to mobile users and grow the business.

Here are some of major benefits of responsive design –

# Flexibility to users

Responsive web design makes the content move seamlessly across devices bringing consistent look and feel or uniform appearances to users. Thus, users won’t face any problem in accessing the site on any device and they won’t have to bear slow loading times and other issues as well.

# Ranking factor

Search engines, including Google, are concerned about giving superior users experience. Thus, responsive design is now a ranking factor as users find them easy and they also like such design. So, not incorporating the design in the site means losing visibility and ranking benefits.

# Meeting customer expectations

Making the website responsive means giving users an ease of accessing content in a quick and hassle-free manner. The content will come up without any distortions with no need of manual resizing. This is how customer expectations are met with ease.

# A single website for desktop and mobile

Responsive design saves the inconvenience and costs involved in having separate website for desktop and mobile. So, you don’t have to pay for devising different strategies for content, SEO and design. As a result, you get ease with efforts and resources.

# Cost effectiveness

There were lots of doubts regarding the costs involved with implementing responsive design with most of people thinking it to be a costly affair. Which is not the case as barring the initial cost, you needn’t invest beyond a basic minimum point for adding features, analytics etc.

# Lower Bounce Rate

Users won’t take time in switching to your competitor’s site in case your website is not up to the mark or when the content appearance and web page speed is an issue. Such problems exist when responsive design is not used. This is how a higher bounce rate happens to impact your business in a negative manner.

# Ease of reporting

Responsive design helps a lot with tracking and analytics. It lets users see reports in an easy manner and any confusion is taken out of the question. This is why businesses turn to such design.

In overall, website design India is something you should take quite seriously. Not doing the same means jeopardizing your prospects for the business. So, hire experts immediately and get the perfect design for your website.

Author Bio. :- Arun Som  is the technical content writer of Hopinfirst that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in e learning app, e commerce app, pharmacy app and restaurant app development. 

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