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Restore Permanently Deleted Folders from USB Drive

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What if you lost your important folders from the USB drive? Don’t worry? We are here to resolve your problem. Continue with this article to know how to restore permanently deleted folders from USB drive. If you have lost your important folders doesn’t mean that there is no way to get them back. With this write-up, we introduce you different methods including professional and manual methods. So, you can easily recover deleted files from USB drive.

Reasons for USB Data Loss

There are several reasons why data disappears or lost from USB drive. Some of them are listed below:

  • Due to malware & virus infection
  • Accidental folder deletion
  • Hardware Failure
  • Issue when the power supply to USB ports
  • Unusual conditions
  • Improper data fragmentation
  • Software bug

From the above points, you know some of the reasons for USB data loss. Now, it’s time to explain some of the techniques to recover deleted files from USB drive.

Restore Permanently Deleted Folders from USB drive Using Professional tool

We will consider Systools USB Flash Drive Data Recovery tool as the first way to retrieve lost folders from USB. It is a complete data recovery solution that will easily restore deleted data without any data loss problems. This utility scans your USB drive and capable to recover permanently deleted, corrupted & formatted data easily. The tool can completely restore lost files, video files, images, docs, and other multimedia items within a few clicks. With this utility, it is possible to recover data from both FAT and NTFS type of file formats. Also, restore data from GPT & MBR hard drive partition. You can install this software in any version of Windows OS to restore permanently deleted folders from USB drive.

Follow these Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

  • Download USB Data Recovery tool and install it on your system.
  • Connect the USB drive on your system and launch the tool.
  • Select the partition from the list that is shown in the software panel.usb drive recovery
  • Now, click on the SCAN option to continue the scanning process to restore permanently deleted folders from USB drive.download for free 2019
  • After the scanning process completes, preview the recovered files shown in red color.usb drive restore
  • At last, SAVE the restored folders at your desired location.usb recovery tool 2019

It’s easy to use this application and the tool ensures 100% complete data recovery with any size limit. Even the tool provides the demo version. You can test the demo version before purchasing the full version of the tool.

Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive Using CMD

You can opt for this method if your folders/files are lost from the USB drive. This process requires technical knowledge as you are aware of the commands used in CMD.
Just follow the below steps carefully to restore permanently deleted folders from USB drive:

  • Connect the USB drive to your system.
  • Open the start menu and type cmd hit Enter.
  • Now, type “chkdsk X: /f” in the cmd and press enter. Make sure you replace the letter X with the name assigned to your USB drive.
  • Finally, type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:*.*” and hit Enter key. (Again replace X with your drive letter)how to recover deleted files from flash drive without software
  • It takes time so wait for the process to complete.

If the above method successfully completes, then check your lost files at your desired location.
Be aware this method doesn’t provide any guarantee of data security so make sure you use this method carefully.


Here, in this write-up, we tried to provide you the solution to restore permanently deleted folders from USB drive. According to the above solutions, we hope you solved your problems. For the easiest and quickest way use the USB Drive Data Recovery Tool to recover deleted files from USB drive.

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