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Robotics & Automation courses educational interest, scope, role

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Robotics and automation are some of the most manifesting branches in which engineering students are interested. It offers multiple career opportunities in various fields and industries. Many high-ranking colleges have included this stream in their curriculum to educate students about the utilization of robotics and automation technologies.

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Robotics is all about the building structure & assembling, processing, and manipulation of the robot machine following the design to perform significant tasks using artificial intelligence, with the advanced speed in less time.

Computer programming concepts and codes utilize to manage and function the task performance and actions acted by the robots machines.

The automation is simple as well as complex categorized to multiple levels as fully virtual, fully mechanical.

The richness of Robotics and Automation skillset in various field

With the utilization of Robotics and Automation technology and machines, many sectors and fields are performing well that includes the manufacturing sector, electric signal processing & transmission, sea explorations, biomedical equipment & tools, nuclear science, etc. The association of control systems and IT knowledge have reduced the no. of laborers in manufacturing and production units.

  • If any individual pursues the specialization in robotics and automation stream from any reputed institute/ college/ university he can grab the job in Research and Engineering, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Medical, Entertainment, mining, and others.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation offering high-paying jobs in the government and non-government / private sector. All three are trending skills around the world.
  • A robotics engineer is responsible to test and analyse the quality processes and operation of automation and robotics tools.
  • With the involvement of Robotics and AI, the gaming industry has boosted up, it has amplified the excitement of video games.
  • Robotics tools and technology have increased the accuracy percentage and work efficiency in the manufacturing sector. It reduces the complexities of inventory, faster order management, agile processing movement, and tasks, etc.
  • A robotics and automation certification holder can apply for space research centers at NASA, ISRO, and support to uncover the facts utilizing their skills.
  • To examine or analyze the aqua world information or sea surfaces/ ocean surfaces research work many advanced tools have been developed that can predict the storm timings/ waves/ height, etc. These tools help to enable safety precautions and reduce accident cautions.
  • Therapeutic robot devices are developing in the medical field to guide and support the surgery and rehabilitation process. It makes the human treatment process easier.
  • Robotics and Automation tools help to execute the faster banking operation, processes and reports efficiently, it also helps to analyze the stocks data.
  • Many automation tools and machines have been introduced in the food sector like beverage makers, coffee makers, floor machines, serving tools all are functional with robotics, automation, and AI implementation.
  • Robotics helps to eliminate the unwanted plants from the agricultural lands, now the plants that don’t need any spray will be unaffected.

Which role the robotics engineer can opt for?

  • Depending on the qualification, knowledge, and skillset, the robotics engineer shares his significant amount of experience and efforts in the following field and performs the responsibilities.
  • The robotics engineer can work in the data collection & research work, sales department. He can become a trainer or supervisor for robotics and automation activities, work as a Robotics Technician, either choose a testing department or become a robotics system engineer, after spending a few years in this field and acquiring the behavior and skill of robotics and automation, you can achieve a Senior Robotics Specialist role.
  • If you are looking for a job opportunity in the field of Robotics and automation you must have to train and certify yourself with education and practical knowledge set n the following things:

First and foremost skill and knowledge that robotics engineering aspirants should possess experience and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. Aspirants should also prepare themselves in computer-aided manufacturing, computational geometry, Robot manipulation, Robot Motion Planning, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems.

India’s top NIT, IIT, engineering institutes are very rich in providing quality education with real-world scenarios and requirements. They prepare the students to build a bright future with the interactive curriculum courses.

Indian University and colleges have opened the lines for the admission process. Students can go and check the websites of Chandigarh University admission and can apply for the desired courses and skills. To acquire a graduate program in robotics and automation, the student should have passed the senior secondary examination with 50% and if the student wants to acquire the postgraduate program he should have a bachelor’s engineering skill with 55% marks. JEE and other entrance tests are compulsory to apply for admission in Chandigarh university courses graduate programs(robotics & automation).

You can check other institutes like graphic era fee structure offering courses in Robotics and Automation. These courses come with a 2-years associate degree and open the opportunity in robotics and automation.  With these certification degree programs, one can start his career as an assistant robotics engineer or assistant technician.

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