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Role of cloud computing technology in educational institutes

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Today is the era of technology. Every business strongly depends on technology whether it is a business or educational institute. In these technologies cloud computing is very important technology. Cloud computing is beneficial for those places who can’t afford heavy computers like supercomputers. Cloud computing technology is costly and it is not possible for everyone to buy it so there are different companies like IAXCESS UAE available who provides complete services about cloud computing. in cloud computing, basically powerful computers involve that have the ability to perform the heavy task in seconds. The main purpose is to involve these computers in your working is to speed-up your daily operations. The problem is still same the price of this hardware. Today cloud computing is very rapidly becoming the part of educational institutes like universities, colleges etc. In this discussion, I will discuss the basic role of cloud computing in educational institutes.

Accessibility fast:

Cloud computing makes accessibility fast, due to cloud computing student easily accesses their desired information. in most universities, there are student portals available like LMS. They allow IDs to every student, with the help of username and password students access LMS and get the desired information about university activities. There are thousands of students in universities so at the same time they can access LMS without affecting university system and it became possible only due to cloud computing.

Provide security:

There is a lot of information with regarding university available at LMS learning management system. Cloud computing is so powerful system and makes security possible. Only authoritative students can access the university system after entering the valid username and password which is given them by the administrator. It is truth cloud computing is an expensive technology but you have an option of cloud solutions provider who offers their cloud computing services at reasonable rent rates.

No need to maintain hardware:

In cloud computing, different cloud computing service provider companies provide computer hardware so there is no need to buy any heavy hardware for your institute in cloud computing because of these machines provided by cloud computing service providers to you. So there are no hardware maintenance charges in cloud computing.

Stability in cloud computing:

Cloud computing the very stable technology and you can easily rely on this technology without any fear. The hardware which is used in cloud computing is very powerful and it never deceives you at any point. It always provides consistent performance and according to your desire. With the help of cloud computing, you can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without any hurdle.

Disaster recovery:

In educational institutes, there are some very important information like teachers’ information, account information, students’ information and many more. In case if you lost you any data then cloud computing facilitates educational institutes to recover their data. Cloud computing takes a backup after every day, every entry, after every month or year. It depends on you what is your choice so when you recover your information then you will recover the last updated information which is placed in cloud computing machine.

Sharing becomes easy:

In cloud computing, you don’t need CDs or DVD for information sharing. If anyone wants to share any information then he/she can place it in any drive via using cloud computing and take it from this drive. In this way, cloud computing plays a tremendous job in educational institutes.

No need for photocopies:

Cloud computing is a complete computerized system and it reduced the photocopy work. Everything is online In cloud computing. if the student has gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops then educational institutes can conduct quizzes etc. online and can share their grades and results online. Educational institutes can also share important announcements with the help of cloud computing.

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