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Safety fire signs to keep you safe from fire all the times

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Uncertainty can happen anytime, anywhere, and we have no hold on it. But we as humans can do one thing which is to be prepared for the problem. Measures and precautions if taken appropriately, most of the problems can be resolved or even avoided. In context to this, fire has been one of the most common reasons for the destruction and damage of places, homes, etc,. People lose their lives, their shelter because either it has worsened a lot already or there was no measure taken on the event. There is a reason why safety fire signs are given so much importance. 

According to the law, everybody in the workplace must be given relevant fire safety information. When it comes to fire safety signs, this ensures that everyone should be aware of where fire alarms and emergency vehicles are located, as well as when and how to safely access fire exits. This will help them to escape in the emergency situation and make them less panic as they know their way out. 

Make sure in whichever place you’re working you have knowledge about the following mentioned questions:

  • Do you have any ideas about how to get out quickly? 
  • Are you aware of the nearest exits? 
  • What if the first fire escape you want is blocked by smoke or fire? 
  • Is there any way out?

All workplaces must have sufficient fire safety signs directing employees to firefighting equipment, evacuation routes, and emergency exits. They are mostly used to advise and instruct workers about health and safety threats.

Tips for safety signs:

  • Illuminated fire safety signs ensure that they are still visible and legible, even when the power is out.
  • Escape routes and doors must be clearly labeled, any door that may be mistaken for an emergency escape door should be clearly identified with a sign or note reading “no exit,” “no way out,” or the purpose of the door, such as “storeroom.”
  • Every sign includes directional arrows that point to the more efficient exit path.
  • Direction arrows are used on escape route signs to signify the fastest route to safety, however, it is important that a person can see a sign for the nearest fire escape route regardless of where he/she is in the building. 
  • It is a legal requirement that all workers know where the nearest fire alarm is located and what to do in an emergency. This can be accomplished by educating employees, using ‘fire alarm call point’ signs, and posting a Fire Action Notice sign in a visible location. 
  • Fire protection instructions should be in picture form with supplementary text – signs should be accessible to all, including those with impaired vision, dyslexia, or who do not speak English as their first language. 
  • Businesses should educate their workers about the various types of fire extinguishers available in the workplace. 
  • Signs identifying fire-fighting equipment, such as those indicating the location of a fire hose reel or extinguisher, are needed.

Fire, if controlled or escaped at the right time can save a life, we just need to be really aware and prepared for the same. 

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