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Search Engine Optimization in 2018

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You may have heard about SEO, and you know that it is important, but for many business owners, search engine optimization can seem like a complete mystery. Why does SEO matter? And more importantly, what is it and how does investing in it benefit both my business and me? How do I begin to find an Ecommerce Seo Company that will have the right solution for my online business?

Routine Maintenance

Simply put, great SEO makes your website more easily found in search engines. An eCommerce SEO company can make sure that when customers search for your product or similar ones, it is your store that comes up among the first Google search results. This means that potential customers will see your store first and, therefore, be more likely to buy from you. But great SEO is difficult for business owners to do on their own without a background in marketing or web development. Because of its fast-paced and ever-changing nature, it can be difficult to keep up with best practices and the tips and tricks that produce great results.

Great SEO begins on the website itself. Make sure that your website does not use dead-end or broken links. When Google bots crawl the website, meaning their search engines collect data from your website to determine it’s authority and relevance, you want to make sure that they find a neat and well-organized site that is easy to navigate. Having an excessive amount of broken links makes Google discount your website and can negatively impact your position in search engine results. As well, a great practice is to link your pages together using hyperlinks. Instead of a tree with branches, picture a spider web. The more links you have between the different pages on your website, the stronger it will make it and the more likely you will be found by search engine users.

Use backlinking to increase your website’s relevance when it comes to the specific keywords you want your website associated with. One of the main elements of SEO is to create content separately from your website that uses your top keywords as the text for links that will then go to your website. For example, if your website sells bicycles and you have determined that your customers like to search for “buy new bicycles,” a great idea would be to create content that uses the phrase “buy new bicycles” and make the text a clickable link that goes directly to your website. In other words, it links back to the website. Google and other search engines will then determine that your website is relevant for this search and boost your rankings.

Be careful which eCommerce SEO company you choose to partner with. There are techniques that some SEO companies use, called black hat techniques, that are too aggressive and manipulative and can result in Google banning your website from their search engine. This would be catastrophic for businesses that depend on search engine traffic so it is very important that you carefully vet any potential partner. In the same vein, white hat techniques are those best practices that do not violate any Terms of Service agreements and get the best results over the long term for your business.

Because of the nature of SEO and how labor intensive it can be, it is often best left to professionals with experience. It can be very tricky to understand Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s ever-changing search algorithms; you need a partner who is professional and kept current on the latest developments.

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