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Searching for Delicious Penn’s Landing Restaurants?

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What You Want is Waterfront Gourmet

When you think Penn’s Landing restaurants, you should think of Waterfront Gourmet. When you’re hungry for a tasty deli sandwich, generously sized and absolutely delicious, you should be hungry for what’s on the menu at Waterfront Gourmet. When you want a perfectly brewed espresso or cappuccino made with rich, roasted Illy coffee beans, you should head on down to Waterfront Gourmet. We’re the unique deli and café that does breakfast, lunch, and dinner just right.

Want to know more about us? Well, we’ve been into food forever… but we’ve been in the business of preparing the best sandwiches in the business since 2014. We’re really friendly and very passionate about premium coffee and thick, hearty sandwiches loaded with delicious flavors, and we want you to be comfy and cozy when you dine with us. That’s why we have 4 stylish locations in the Philadelphia area: Penn’s Landing, University City, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza.

Want to know what sort of tasty things we have on the menu? Just about everything you can imagine: fresh, delicious deli classics like hoagies, club sandwiches, subs, and BLTs. And since we spend a lot of time dreaming about food and trying to figure out ways to blend those iconic deli classics with world cuisine, we’ve thought up some things you couldn’t imagine even in your tastiest food fantasies. Like spicy teriyaki chicken hoagies, and peppery tofu subs with avocado and scallions. When you try our sandwich creations, you’ll be really glad we just can’t stop thinking about food.

Want to dine on your favorite sandwiches while surrounded by some pretty scenery? Waterfront Gourmet is the best choice when it comes to Penn’s Landing restaurants. Whether you choose to dine indoors or out, the view is as good as the food.

Want to feed a crowd for your party or business meeting? Well, at Waterfront Gourmet, we just love to cater… to your needs, to your cravings, and to the appetites of the whole gang. We’ll craft a sandwich spread no one can resist, and we’ll whip up a veggie platter that’s almost too pretty to eat, or we’ll make individual trays for the entire crew, vegetarians, and even those picky eaters. Whatever sandwich specialties you need to please and feed the group, Waterfront Gourmet has got you covered.

Want to grab a quick, quiet breakfast before work, or nosh on a hearty sandwich during a working lunch, or relax while we prepare a satisfying dinner that you can eat in or take out? Then Waterfront Gourmet is for you. Pick your favorite meal of the day and check us out, or do them all with us. We get it. We know your cravings, and we know you’re busy, so we can make it for you, which makes it easier on you. That’s really what we’re about. We want to make you the best food, so you can fill up and get on with your day. Don’t worry, we only choose the finest, healthiest ingredients: the freshest veggies, the tastiest, high-quality meats, and the lightest, flakiest breads. Then, we put it together to make a sandwich that sings, a sandwich that will make you come back for more.

What do you want to eat? If it’s something delicious, then you want Waterfront Gourmet. If it’s something nutritious, then you want Waterfront Gourmet. If it’s a sandwich, panini, hoagie, sub, or salad with an unexpected, but thoroughly tasty blend of flavors and textures, then you want Waterfront Gourmet. When you want good food, you want Waterfront Gourmet. We’re Penn’s Landings tastiest restaurant. Stop by, today!

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