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Secret Behind Successful Project Management

by Soft2share.com

In any profession, there is no perfect recipe used to achieve goals. Like every successful man have its own story, struggle, and process behind its success.

Every profession has its own rule and process. If you want success in a specific field then you have to follow these rules whether you are a teacher, Lawyer doctor or businessman.

The same case with project management, for successful PM you have to follow its rules like planning, timing, budget and designing

Here I am sharing my top secrets of successful project management which I have using in my projects

Top Secret of Successful Project Management

• Write a perfect plan

Without a plan, a goal is a wish. People think that writing a plan is the hardest part of a project but I don’t think so it is the hardest part. Writing a plan is not the hardest part.

Planning is a difficult part like thinking, organizing, budged and scheduling .but once planning g is done execution become simple like someone says if you spend 1 minute on planning then you can save 10 minute in excitations. Some organizations cut the planning time due to many reasons so that they can complete their project in time.

But the fact is that without planning they consume more energy and time and failed to complete a project on deadline .if you have perfect planning then chances of project failure becomes less

• Know about team member

Success in a project is not related to one person it’s all about the whole team. A team can convert a failure into success or success into failure so the project manager should well aware of his team members about their abilities, performances, skills, dedications, and efforts. Spent little time on your team members whether they are 10, 100 or 1000 in numbers. I think this is a very important part of a successful management

• Select suitable people for a suitable role

Everyone has own personalities and abilities .one of the biggest factor involving in the project success to select suitable people for the suitable task.

An experienced project manager should be recognized as perfect people for a specific project when it started .dose your project demands meet with your team members’ skills or is it an excellent experience for juniors .is your project is creating one for those people who hates doing the same kind of work again and again. As the project manager, it is your responsibility to select suitable people for suitable tasks if you want motivation or good reviews from a client or want a successful project.

• Not reveal everything to every person

I believe in HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY I always discuss everything with my team member so they can get information about work and come to me with their problems .but I also believed that everything should not reveal to everyone all time

You can share project-based information with team members in many ways like hold a weekly small meeting with team members for project discussion but don’t reveal everything which is not related to their work.

For this hold a one to one meeting to discuss their specific work and not involve other team members. Purpose of this not hiding .it just that not overburden their mind .less information keep them on their track so they can more dedicate own their work

For example, someone is working on construction site and other on electric sites to share both types of knowledge with them means to overburden them .our responsibility is just to share information not overload their minds .there are multiples common points which are related with all team members for this purpose hold a general meeting at the start of a project and also at the end of a project  

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