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Serverwala Review: Are Their Dedicated Servers Netherlands Worth the Catch

by Soft2share.com

People running web businesses often find themselves shifting or switching to a different web hosting server with time. That is because, as the web business develops, its need for web resources and server privileges increases. However, picking the dedicated server Netherlands can save you from hopping from one hosting server or not. It helps in providing a flexible hosting environment to host your web business. Here we will make you aware of Serverwala, the most renowned company for offering the Best-Dedicated Servers Netherlands. But, let us initiate with understanding how a dedicated server can serve everything needed to host web business.

Know About Dedicated Server in Netherlands

The Best dedicated server Netherlands is devised in a way to provide you full control over the server. Unlike shared hosting, you do not need to share the portion and resources of the server with other users. All the server resources, such as RAM, CPU, OS, bandwidth, etc., run for your web business solely. Thus, you can make your server operate in the best way that supports your business website. You can utilize your Cheap Dedicated Server in Netherlands according to your requirements, for instance –

  • To host multiple websites of your business
  • To host your web business while sharing the leftover resources with others
  • To begin with your own reseller hosting business
  • To host gaming applications
  • To host resource-intensive applications and for many other purposes.

Many times, business owners hesitate to consider the Dedicated Hosting Netherlands for hosting. That is because it relatively comes at a higher cost than other hosting servers. However, opting for a dedicated hosting service from the right hosting provider renders you great value for your money. This will enable you to acquire and utilize all the benefits and privileges of the dedicated server.

As stated at the start, let us now provide you the insights into the Serverwala hosting company. The company offers the Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands with world-class services.

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

The Serverwala falls on the list of top-leading and distinguished data centers from all over the world. The company provides the best-dedicated server Netherlands at the most affordable rate. It renders complete transparency in the server costing. It further aims to enable your business website to deliver optimal performance. Let us peep into the benefits, plans, and features of Serverwala’s best-dedicated server hosting Netherlands.

Serverwala: Various Advantages of Dedicated Hosting Netherlands

#1. Highest Level of Privacy

With the company’s dedicated server hosting, your web business will acquire the highest level of privacy. You will be able to run private data backup or an application securely that includes the billing system and private details of the end-users. Thus, you will rest assured without bothering about the privacy protection of both your business and end-users.

#2. Faster loading time

The company renders the faster, reliable, and robust server to host your web business. It delivers infrastructure that is based on resilient engineering design. So, your business website will have the fastest loading speed. Also, there will be no reduction in the performance level of your website in any case.

#3. High reliability 

You will acquire high reliability with the company’s Dedicated Hosting Netherlands. The company owns the support from the industry experts for remitting end-to-end solutions. You will be able to secure on-premise assistance and server maintenance facilities. Further, all the company’s data center solutions will be easy to employ for your web business. Consequently, all these backed-up hosting facilities will help you focus on the core of your web business.

#4. Consistent Network Connectivity

The company is always ahead for executing extremely compatible and super-fast network connectivity. Your web business will attain the consistent network connectivity that is developed with contemporary and advanced technologies. You will acquire the guarantee for receiving the maximum network efficiency with the Dedicated Hosting Server Netherlands. As a result, your web business will not face any impasse while implementing any principal processes or data transactions.

#5. Supplementary Services

The Serverwala company also provides supplementary advantages with its Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting services. For instance, you can acquire billing merchants’ accounts that are easy to process and manage. Moreover, you can get client management software such as WHMCS and many other such amenities.

Serverwala: Cheap & Best Plan of Dedicated Server Netherlands

The Serverwala company is also profoundly known for rendering highly scalable and flexible plans for the Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands. You will obtain its plan at the cheapest rates. Moreover, the company ensures round-the-clock server maintenance in both managed and unmanaged packages. You will be able to contact the company’s professionals at any hour of the day and for any queries.

Serverwala- Features of Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands

#1. SSH Root Control

The Serverwala company will render you complete access to your Dedicated Hosting Server Netherlands. You can have SSH root control with every plan of the Netherlands Dedicated Server. The root access will enable you to install an operating system, applications, and other software required by your business website. You will easily customize all that is existing and running on your server. Moreover, you will also get the power to configure your server as and when needed. Thus, according to the growth of your web business, you will be able to turn your server into the most suitable form.

#2. High level of protection

The company employs the best practices and the latest technologies to provide a high level of protection with its Netherlands Dedicated Servers. Your web business will acquire security from data encryption, firewall protection, to DDoS protection. Further, the company guarantees 24/7 performance efficiency, high availability of resources, and six-layered security.

#3. Backup features

All the data centers of the Serverwala function on high-level backup facilities. They make sure that their clients’ data stay safe and secured from all the security threats and data breaches. Further, you will also be able to make use of the different backup features at your end to ensure the full security of your web business.

#4. Hardware RAID

Fortunately, the company’s Cheap dedicated server Netherlands renders the support for a Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks (RAID). It will provide its support for RAID – 0, 1, 5, 10. Moreover, you will be able to buy them at the least additional price.

#5. Service Level Agreement

You will get the service level agreement from the Serverwala company. It will ensure you the premium bandwidth with the fastest network. Your business website will be able to experience a maximum of 1 GBPS bandwidth. On the other side, you will also obtain one IPv4 and IPv6 address with the dedicated server Netherlands. Further, more IPs also can be purchased at an extra price from the company.


You can infer that the best-dedicated server Netherlands serves high flexibility, scalability, high performance, 100% uptime network, and advanced security. It permits you to attain your web business goals in less time and with utmost ease. Further, the Serverwala hosting company renders 24/7 customer support through its experienced professionals. You can reach out to them anytime to grab further information regarding the company’s hosting services and facilities. They are available via different channels, such as Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, Email, Live Chat, etc. Moreover, you can also check out the company’s informational website for the same – https://serverwala.com/dedicated-server-netherlands. 

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