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Shop Samsung galaxy note 2 in Auckland at 22% off right now!

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What brand are you dotted with? What inspires to buy a brand when you want to add up products to your wish-list? Well, we are all convinced; no matter how profoundly know your choice, that we are bound be driven away in terms of choices of a plethora of gadgets. Given endless options and varieties of smart phones and gadgets, do you think that sticking to one particular brand is rewarding? Alright, what strikes the nerves in your brain when you look at a latest smart phone by Samsung? It is too hard to let go of Samsung when it gets on your nerves.

Today we are going to discuss such a dreamy phone Samsung galaxy note 2 in Auckland, it is admitted you will fall in love at first sight. Larger display, enhanced camera, vivid style Samsung galaxy note 2 is destined to win over your heart. You must be wondering to know about features this flagship phone. To answer that, following are the key features, specs and price tag of the phone.

Features and specs of Samsung galaxy note 2 in Auckland 5.5 inches large display, processor 6 GHz, front camera 1.9 mega pixels, resolution 720×280, 2GB RAM, Android OS 4.1, storage 16 GB, rear camera 8 mega pixels and battery capacity 3100mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus Galaxy Note 2:

Over couple of years, Samsung has doubled the size of the smart phones. As note 2 is featured with 5.5 inches while S4 is just shipped with 5 inches large display. Moreover, Note 2 is better hewn with more mega pixels of camera and lesser in weight. However, other features of the phone are more or less similar. AS Samsung galaxy note 2 is integrated with 4G technology which makes it very faster and speedy gadget. On top of that, bigger battery life of the phone is supposed to support more specifications. It is better as compared to rival Apple which makes it headline phone.

In the last but not the least, the price is available on bigger discount and now the good specs phone Samsung galaxy note 2 in Auckland is priced just at 1099 NZDs.

The Samsung Galaxy Note represents one thing of a hybrid between a Smartphone and a pill. this is often certain to charm to several United Nations agency need the screen resolution, battery life and power of a pill however additionally the immovableness of a smart phone.

In this article¬†i will be able to¬†give¬†an outline¬†of the key¬†options¬†of the Samsung Galaxy Note, and¬†you’ll be able to decide for yourself if¬†this idea¬†is correct¬†for you.

Arguably¬†the foremost¬†noticeable¬†factor¬†concerning¬†this¬†phone¬†is its size. As mentioned. It represents¬†one thing¬†of a stepping stone from smart phone to¬†pill. It measures 146x 83x¬†nine.7mm that means¬†it¬†well¬†homes¬†a¬†walloping¬†five.3¬†in.¬†screen. The screen is¬†one in all¬†the handset’s crowning features;¬†at the side of¬†the Samsung Galaxy Nexus,¬†it’s¬†one in all¬†only a few¬†recently¬†discharged¬†phones to outdo the iPhone¬†four¬†in terms of its¬†component¬†resolution. At 800x 1280, the resolution provides¬†gorgeous¬†image¬†show¬†quality¬†that¬†needs to¬†be seen to be believed. The screen¬†is operated by¬†the quality¬†touch screen¬†perform, or with the¬†enclosed¬†stylus pen,¬†a pleasant¬†feature¬†that¬†several¬†censure enough¬†appreciate.

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