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Shopify Secrets That Will Help You Make The Most Of It

by Soft2share.com

If you have developed your ecommerce store on Shopify, you are in line with those millions who are benefiting from the cutting edge advantages of this platform. Nevertheless, Shopify can do you much more than you know it does. Here are a few secrets that will help you get the most out of your Shopify site.

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You can add ecommerce to your existing website
If you are at present on a different site platform, you need no worries. The buy now button of Shopify lets you add ecommerce to your website without any need to switch the platforms wholly. The buy now button is an easy to use and inexpensive one that can rule out the need for a total site overhaul, unless you really want to go for it anyway.

Start from scratch if you wish
While venturing to build an ecommerce business from zero, Shopify is the best platform to depend on. If you have decided to go with it fully on your own, you will find this platform highly user-friendly. The customer support Shopify assures is matchless.

You can do more with 3rd party integrations
While spending just a few minutes browsing the Shopify App Store, you’ll discover how much more you can achieve with your site. In fact, it is very easy to sync your accounting software (such as Xero or Quickbooks) or link your email marketing portfolio with MailChimp. To create an extra fanciful addition, you can also widen your marketplace by selling on Amazon or Ebay. Irrespective of what you are looking for, you will find an app come in handy to serve the purpose. The app store can give room for integrating activities like marketing, accounting, sales, Social Media, customer service, reporting and inventory

Convert social media followers into your customers
Shopify features a social media e-commerce partnership channel that makes it possible to do some great things. It is easy to integrate shopping into your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. In this way, you can manage your loyal audience and make them engage with the in-platform shopping function. In this way, your likes can be turned into dollar signals.

Go with the mobile frenzy world
Today all of us carry those smart little gadgets in our pockets everywhere. We find the world going mobile. More of people’s activities today are done on the mobile phones than anywhere else. People book their air tickets, turn on lights, and operate their doors from their phones. In addition, they also shop on their phones. Shopify is highly mobile friendly can provide a great support to the mobile frenzy customers.

Create a unique site with Shopify Themes
Shopify provides a large number of ready-to-use templates that can serve your purpose perfectly. More than 100+ beautifully created themes are organized industry wise so that irrespective of what you wish to sell, you will find what you want. You can hire a Shopify developer to tweak them to fit your unique needs and tastes.

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