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Smart PDF Editing for Windows Now in Movavi

by Soft2share.com

Movavi PDF Editor is a small, handy cross-platform application-editor for working and performing simple actions with PDF files.

Movavi PDF Editor Usage

Opens the necessary images, glues the required documents, eliminates unnecessary pages, imposes watermarks, and also converts JPG and PNG image files.

Movavi pdf editor for Windows will be a simple and practical solution for those users who need to quickly prepare a package of scanned files, extract the desired page from the already finished project, and also impose a cut image of the signature or print.And thanks to the completely Simplified interface of the editor and the intuitive actions, everyone can accomplish the tasks set with maximum ease and without exerting extra effort.

Main functionality Movavi PDF-editor

The application has the optimal set of claimed functions:

  • opening and viewing PDF files;
  • display of annotations;
  • selection of the required scale;
  • extract or delete pages;
  • consolidation of PDF-documents;
  • imposition of images;
  • resizing pictures;
  • conversion to other formats.

What can cause difficulties for individual users is the lack of editing capabilities in Movavi PDF Editor, text, figures, images, which are still under development.

But the editor undertakes to provide instant opening of the required files, thoughtful launch of several documents in different tabs, comfortable drag and drop management, as well as the rapid fulfillment of any necessary actions.

Features of working with Movavi PDF Editor

In addition to the correct display and smooth scrolling among the features of using the PDF editor is:

  • Built-in viewer for studying files.
  • Corrections to the document at the page level.
  • Convert PDF files to images and vice versa.
  • Simultaneous opening of many documents.

Movavi PDF-editor is a convenient program for reading and viewing PDF-files. It is also possible to upload images and edit documents in the program.The personal version of the product is intended solely for non-commercial use for amateur purposes.

  • Viewing and reading
  • View documents in different tabs
  • Changing the scale from 25 to 400%
  • Editing
  • Delete, rotate, and move pages
  • Adding blank pages
  • Copying pages from other documents
  • Import graphics in PNG and JPEG
  • Export
  • Saving individual pages in PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP
  • Merge PDF files

Sending documents for printing

For people who work a lot with documentation, Movavi PDF-editor will become an indispensable assistant. In it you can add pages, create a new document from several, and also split the file into separate pages.

The personal version of the product is intended solely for non-commercial use for amateur purposes, the Business version is intended for commercial use.

Knowing the proper process happens to be a very important matter here and that is the reason that you can come up with the best options now for the same. Download to experience it.

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