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Smartphones, Drones, Virtual Reality: Three Inventions to Impact the Future

by Soft2share.com

The evolution of technology is incredibly fast today. In the last decade, technology has changed the way we play, the way we communicate, and the way we… fly? Although none of them were actually invented in the last decade, smartphones, drones, and virtual reality have made their massive impact on our lives. Here’s how.



The mobile phone has been around for decades, allowing us to finally shed the wires, and communicate (in live voice and writing) from wherever we are. Smartphones represent the next step in the mobile phone evolution, turning handsets into much more: portable entertainment devices with much-improved capabilities.

Smartphones today are capable of amazing things – they can even turn into a pocket-sized Las Vegas if needed. To do this, smartphone owners need to navigate to the Euro Palace website, log on, and start playing right away. The Euro Palace has not only a collection of over 100 amazing games to play on the go, but also a secure connection to its servers, allowing players to make real money deposits as safely as they would in a bank. Besides, they can make use of all the great specials and promotions the Euro Palace is throwing their way.

Smartphones will become even smarter and more capable in the future, allowing us to communicate, have fun, and be productive much better in the near future.


Drones have been used for a variety of purposes – especially by the military – for years before they became available to the public. This has shown just how capable these small flying machines can be: they can be used for more than just delivering a deadly charge behind enemy lines. Smaller drones can deliver parcels, shoot videos, take pictures, survey crops, and – thanks to Chinese drone maker Ehang – they will soon be able to transport humans.

The Ehang 184 is the first personal transport drone  ever created. The eight rotors of this 200 kg machine can lift a person 500 meters above the ground. It can take off and land autonomously and can find its way to its destination automatically, based on data collected from Google Maps. The drone is currently capable of a 23-minute journey, a time that will surely be extended in the near future.

The world could literally get wings in the near future.

Virtual reality

Stepping inside cyberspace was a dream since William Gibson released his first “cyberpunk” novel in 1984. Ironically, he wrote Neuromancer on a mechanical typewriter – yet many of his predictions have come true. Today we can step inside a virtual world using nothing but a simple, lightweight headset hooked up to a computer or a gaming console. VR, in turn, has endless other capabilities – it can change the way we play, the way we watch movies, the way we learn (and possibly the way we interact with each other online).

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