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Social SEO Tips for Your Content’s Credibility

by Soft2share.com

How many times have you browsed over to a blog or a website, gone through its content and comments and then bunked any appraisal or criticism citing them as false? Well, that must be a pretty high number of occurrences. This is what you must keep in mind when you are putting up contents and comments section on your website or blog. This is the age of the social networking sites with Google+, Tweeter and Facebook playing a huge role in the SEO sector. So why not use it for promoting your content?


Link the Comment Section to Social Networking Sites

 It has been quite a few years that adding a ‘Comments’ section to your blog or webpage (where real life users can share there feedback about your website and other aspects of it) is a sure fire hit way of gaining credibility with visitors and search engines.

But this aspect has been heavily manipulated by various website owners and they have been posting comments themselves in order to garner the popularity of their website. This, in turn, has led people to lose trust in the ‘Comments’ section and as a result, they have even started diverting away from sites that don’t succumb to such practices. Here are 2 ways to win back the credibility:

  1. Social Network Plugin

 Many websites and blogs have started including a Facebook or Google+ or Tweeter (or other social networking sites like: Foursquare and LinkedIn) and they make it compulsory for visitors to sign in with one of these social networking plugins in order to be able to comment. This means that when you visit the blog or website and see a list of comments, you can also see the social profile of that person. This step will increase the credibility of commenters on your blog or website to a great extent.

  1. Video Responses

 There is no form of online interaction which vows for more credibility than a video interaction and you can exploit this aspect to your advantage. Many websites have sections where users can email or post their comments and queries as a response to your blog or website’s content. You can take this to the next level by posting video responses of experts talking about those certain questions. This will assure the visitors that you are serious and committed to the purpose you are promoting.

The gains from using social SEO techniques are numerous and you will surely not regret incorporating this tactic to increase the credibility of your website.

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