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Songs and Their Positive Contribution for The Growth of Your Baby

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Babies love to listen to songs and their fondness for music starts ever since they are in their mother’s womb. Have you noticed that when a baby is upset, music makes them stop crying! Mothers love singing lullabies to their babies so that they fall asleep fast. They take to music just like a fish takes to water. Research in the field of babies has revealed that songs contribute to the overall development of their brains and feelings. Babies respond to songs, and they feel happy when they listen to music.

Music helps babies develop themselves emotionally, intellectually and physically

Songs for babies have a positive impact on the child. They help the baby to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually. It has been found that babies that have been exposed to songs from an early age are more creative over those babies that were never exposed to music. This means if you are a parent and have a baby at home, playing songs or singing songs to it has a positive impact on their growth and development.

Songs help babies to remember

Yes, babies have the ability to remember things when they listen to songs. In fact, they fall asleep when they listen to the same song at bedtime or when they need to take a nap. Some mothers often use different baby songs at different times of the day for babies. They play one song during their sleep time, another song during play time, a different song for mealtime, etc. In this way, the baby gets the chance to grow up with songs. Songs soothe a baby and keep him/her happy. This is why you find several toys for babies that have inbuilt songs inside them. They play when the baby touches them. Such toys not only keep the baby entertained, but it also engages the child in music and rhythm from an early age.

Later growth and development

Baby songs play a vital role in the wholesome development of your child. Later when your child becomes a toddler, he/she will love music and songs. With these songs, mental and physical development is faster. The toddler is able to learn new words and develop fine motor skills with songs played daily. Teachers use songs and music to teach children. This means as a parent you should use songs and music as early as possible for the overall development and growth of your child.

As a parent, you can establish a strong bond with songs for babies. You can set a fixed time for you and your baby to listen to popular songs and enjoy them as well. There are several baby song CDs available in the market. You can play them for your child. If you love to sing to your baby, this works as well. You do not have to be a great vocalist to sing to your little one. Your child will love to hear the sound of your voice, and this goes the extra mile in making him/her happy!

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