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Spend a Little Time, Save a Lot of Money

by Soft2share.com

What if I told you that if you spent a little bit of time on something that it could save you oodles of cash? Anyone would be interested in that, and if you own a home then you need to listen up. Natural gas is a necessary evil in any household, and it can cost some serious money. From washing and drying your clothes, to cleaning your dished, and even taking a shower or bath each day it can really start to add up as the month goes on. Thinking of having a big family? For every additional person in your family the cost of your natural gas bill can increase over 25%, and over an entire year that could be the equivalent expense of taking a tropical vacation.


Saving money is like a habit for me, if there’s a way for me to cut down on my expenses then I’m all for it. So when I discovered the Alinta Energy House I knew I had found a nifty little way to save some cash. From duct heating, all the way to a simple space heater there are plenty of appliances in the home that consume gas in an inefficient manner. For those of you that bought an older home from previous tenants, this is especially important. New construction allows you to pick and choose your own appliances, but if you bought a previously owned home (like most of us) then chances are you were stuck with whatever they already had installed. Technology is an amazing thing, and it has provided us with energy saving appliances that consume less gas and thus saving us more money.

It’s not only about space heaters and ducts, but consider your stove, oven, water heater, BBQ, and even a fireplace! These are all items that provide you with a variety of energy efficient options. If you want a list of those options then just click over the various rooms in the house, and find the little circular orange icons above each appliance. From there you can view all the different models, colors, and styles that fit your décor. I have never seen an energy company invest so much time and effort into making a tool to cut down on their consumers costs before. At the same time, conserving energy isn’t so bad for the environment either, so it’s a win-win.

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