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Spend Healthy: 7 Rules for Buying the Best Mattress

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Each person spends on average one-third of his life in bed. Whether asleep like a baby or constantly turning and waking, it largely depends on a good mattress. Here are 7 tips to buy the bestmattress-brandrecommendation for your needs.

A calm and quality sleep influences our physical and mental health. In general, we are simply more comfortable and cheerful people whose increased productivity can be seen at work as well as in everyday life. For a healthier and better lifestyle, it is essential to sleep, so if you are currently undernourished and think about changing the mattress then follow these tips.

  1. When is the time to change the mattress?

Like all things, mattresses have their own life span. If you are having trouble sleeping lately, be it due to pain in the spine or exhaustion when you are lying down, it is time to go shopping for thebest memory foam mattress. A new mattress is purchased every 7 to 9 years, and if it is a lesser quality, worn-out model, you will need to replace it earlier.

  1. Test the new mattress

Be sure to test the best memory foam mattress before purchasing. It is recommended that you lie on your back for a few minutes, then on the left and right side and then the abdomen. Consider whether it is comfortable on your mattress or tough, whether you have enough support or too soft. Do not try the hardness of the mattress with your hand, which people often do, because you can only have a real experience if you are worried about it. To make it easier, choose mattresses that are just the right thing for you which make the mattress comfortable, breathable and provide individual support and adjustment to the body.

  1. Pay attention to the position you are sleeping in

Apart from your height and weight, which are the most important factor when buying best memory foam mattress, do not forget about your favorite sleeping position. The way you sleep affects the choice of pillows; the classic pillow is suitable for all bed positions and is anatomically better choice for those who like sleeping on their sides. Or on the back (most anatomic cushions have two heights, lower for lying and higher for lateral sleep position). Its special design provides the necessary support for the neck, head and spine.

If you are sleeping on your side, you need a mattress that supports all the weight of your body and adjusts to it. Do not buy too hard a model because it becomes uncomfortable in this kind of sleeping position. A mattress filled with memory foam or a standard foam mattress mat is the ideal solution for you. If you sleep on your belly, avoid a soft mattress. Instead, choose models with a solid surface and a dense spring core, or medium hard and harder mattresses.

If you sleep on your back then you need a combination of the first two models. Look for a mattress that will support your spine, at the same time firm and adjustable spine. Those who sleep more frequently on their backs should choose a medium hard and harder mattress. The ideal solution could be mattress foam springs that will give the right support to the body and the surface of the memory foam for greater comfort.

When purchasing, keep in mind that the cheapest models last longer and therefore invest in a better mattress.

  1. Do not save on the mattress

When purchasing thebest memory foam mattress, keep in mind that the cheapest models last longer and therefore invest in a better mattress. These ‘cheapos’ generally have less quality springs and lining. When the interior and outer lining wear out, you will feel the springs ‘jerk’ and point you as soon as you lie on the bed.

  1. Carefully select the top lining and decorative cover

If you are prone to allergies, choose a foam mattress with foam springs that emit airflow through the core of the mattress. Combine it with anti-allergic decorative shaving and natural fiber covering that contributes to better circulation and regulation of body temperature. Such blankets are airy, soft and have hypoallergenic properties.

  1. Pods are very important

When purchasing thebest memory foam mattress, many people do not pay attention to the floor, as to the quality and comfort of the mattress, but they retain their lifespan and provide additional comfort during sleep and are therefore very important to us. On the market there is different flooring, and they are especially good for the flippers because the air can flow through the mattress. This prevents the buildup of moisture in the mattress, which may be the cause of the development of mites.

When choosing between laths, the best ones are those with elastic slats inserted into flexible carriers because they are suitable for all types of mattresses including a more demanding and customizable foam mattress.

  1. Do not forget about a partner

Sometimes it is simply impossible to find best memory foam mattress that will suit you and your partner. If you have a large double bed, consider the option to place two different smaller mattresses in the box instead of a large one. So you will still sleep in the same bed, but on your mattress that suits your needs. However, if you decide on a matrimonial or family mattress, we recommend that you occasionally rotate it so that one side would not become worn out.

Which is the best mattress for you?

It is often not easy to decide which mattress to buy. Best memory foam mattress can be used solely on larch substrates, but not on flat substrates (chipboard or plywood). Mattresses with springs can be used on mostly all types of fixed lining.

Older generations choose wired models for both height and hardness. It is important for them to have a mattress above 22 cm, as it serves as a bed when they get out of bed. The users of wired mattresses (Bonnell Core) are also small children, usually up to seven years of age.

Parents choose a mattress with the Bonnell core because their children at that stage take off their nappies and therefore use night-time urination more often to wash their napkins. At this stage, of course, you also recommend the use of protective covers.

There is one more reason why parents choose spring mattresses for their little ones, and that’s not what they want to deprive the main children’s joy – jumping on the mattress.

It has been proven that jumping on the mattress has a positive effect not only on better motor development, but also on the overall psychophysical growth and development of the child. Moving strengthens the muscles, and the strength of the mattress is tested ;).

Foam Mattresses

Younger generations are increasingly deciding to buy foam mattresses. There are polyurethane (PU) foam, cold cast (HR) foam, memory foam, latex foam… All foam mattresses offer superior support, elasticity and airiness, but mattress comfort is a matter of personal choice. There is a large selection of models on the market where they can choose the composition, height, width and the possibility to choose the mattress that suits them.

What distinguishes the foam and then the mattress characteristics are density, flexibility and air flow. Foam mattress models are manufactured in a combination of materials whose properties provide comfortable, healthy and quality sleep.

Best memory foam mattress

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