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Strange but Probable Alternative Car Fuels

by Soft2share.com

As our supply of fossil fuels continue to dip into dangerously low levels, companies and individuals around the world are looking to bizarre fuel substitutes in a bid to find and perfect a working alternative. From paper and household materials to chocolate, these bizarre forms of petrol could spell the way out of our global fuel crisis in the forthcoming decades.



This provides many of us with a much-needed fuel boost throughout the day so it is only natural that it should be used to power our cars as well. This still needs a lot of work, however. Based on previous experiments with coffee-fuelled vehicles, coffee granules need to be replenished and filters replaced every 40 miles. So while this may be possible one day, this is far from a permanent solution.

Human Fat

Already being labelled ‘Lipo Diesel’ by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, this disturbing alternative fuel concept has been tried and tested by some of Hollywood’s plastic surgeons who have used the human fat discarded in liposuction procedures to fuel their cars. In recent years, animal fat has been merged with vegetable oil to create a viable Biofuel to power cars so it may only be a matter of time before human fat becomes the car fuel norm.


Thankfully, if this takes off as our alternative fuel saviour, chocolate will not need to be rationed anytime soon. Researchers have tested this as a fuel option by using waste chocolate from bad batches and combining it with starch and other waste food materials to create a Biofuel. Good news for chocoholics and the environment!


As paper is the most readily available alternative fuel source in the list, this is one of the most plausible future fuel options yet. Everything from old letters and bank statements may be able to provide us with fuel after going through a treatment process which breaks the paper down into enzymes, the sugars of which can be used to generate a very promising form of car fuel.

With methods as radical as these already in practise, we can surely do our bit to think proactively about the environment where our driving habits are concerned. Even taking out the appropriate car insurance policy can help prolong our renewable fuel sources since many are tailored to suit individual needs and limitations – and if drivers feel encouraged to use their cars more efficiently, we are more likely as a whole to combat eco woes such as dead mileage to effectively rein in on fuel expenses.


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