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Strengthen Your Chef Skills With 6 Month Culinary Diploma Program

by Soft2share.com

As per information shared by the India Brand Equity Foundation, “The Indian food and grocery market is the world’s sixth largest, with retail contributing 70 percent of the sales. It is projected to grow at the rate of 104 percent, touching US$ 482 billion by 2020”.

6 month culinary program

Be it any part of the world, the food industry is growing and India is no different than any other nation. Nowadays, dining out or ordering is quite popular;  the food industry is trying to match this growing demand among masses.

If you look at the numbers, you would observe that there is abundant demand for trained professionals. Therefore, a career in culinary arts has a bright future. However, you need to possess education and training form a reputed college. You can opt for either full time or part time culinary courses. One of the best Culinary Schools in India is APAI (Academy of Pastry Arts).

The details of the 6-month culinary program by APAI are listed below:

Admission Process

Once you have cleared the eligibility criteria and made up your mind, you are all set to move ahead in the process, it is time for you to understand the admission process. Just like each individual is unique, in the same way, the admission process is different for every institution. However, the admission can be generalized as:

  • Check the website of the college and look out for admission form.
  • Fill the admission form and attach the required documents.
  • Deposit the registration fees in their bank account.
  • Now relax and wait for the school to get back to you for further steps.

Fee Inclusions

Taxes,  Study Material, Uniform, Ingredients, Students can consume/ take products home

Fee Exclusion

C&G Fees, Travel, Accommodation,  Lunch, Kitchen Shoes and any other personal expenses

Note: Pay for Advance Diploma at once & get a cash discount of Rs. 50,000.

After applying, collect the uniform and be ready to take off for an exciting journey.

Course Details: Who doesn’t want to know about the course which will be taught during the part-time culinary course. It plays as one of the major deciding factors while applying. Look for an academy which covers the following topics in detail:

  • Classical Salads
  • Tapas
  • Western Soups
  • Thai Cuisine
  • Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • Buffet Meals
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • South-Indian Cuisine
  • Fusion Cuisine

Other than the Diploma Programme, the Academy of Pastry Arts provides part-time programs as well of 3 months. Moreover, the academy offers professional bakery course also. This course also has options of full time and part-time. The whole information is available on their website.

Hope, the article helped you, and now you know how to apply for school.


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