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Summer cooling system and Fan Safety

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As temperatures rise, therefore will our dependence on air conditioners and fans. whereas air conditioners and fans area unit essential for staying cool and comfy in summer, there also are several potential hazards to remember of. you will be shocked to search out out what percentage home fires area unit caused by air con and fan instrumentation.

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Top three Causes of cooling system and Fan Fires

Overuse, that causes heat buildup

Improper or lack of skilled AC maintenance

Poor electrical wiring and electrical problems

Luckily, air con and fan fires may be prevented with the right maintenance.

Central AC Safety Tips

Always rent a certified, commissioned HVAC technician to put in and repair any heating, ventilation, or air con instrumentation.

Make sure associatey HVAC instrumentation has been tested by an freelance, across the nation recognized testing laboratory.

Do not store something close to your indoor air handler unit. There ought to be a minimum 3-foot clearance round the unit.

Make sure all of your provide and come back vents area unit unblocked. Check behind furnishings and drapes.

Teach youngsters to remain far-off from your indoor and outside air con units. whereas the units area unitprotected by covers, it may be terribly dangerous and damaging if anyone tries to stay something through the grills.

Keep the access panels and covers on in the least times. this is applicable to your indoor air handler, outsidecondenser unit, also because the thermostat.

Inspect and maintain AC instrumentation often, ideally before you begin exploitation it regular.

Schedule Annual skilled AC Maintenance

Air conditioning units got to be properly maintained by an expert. the simplest issue you’ll do to stay your cooling system operating safely and with efficiency is by planning annual air con maintenance each spring.

Professional HVAC technicians are ready to examine your cooling system for questions of safety that wouldend in a fireplace. additionally to preventing electrical issues, your certified HVAC technician also will clean your system and confirm there are not any monoxide or refrigerant leaks.

Click here for our full HVAC Maintenance list. contemplate language up for a Home Maintenance arrangetherefore you always remember his necessary home maintenance task.

DIY AC Maintenance

In addition to annual air con maintenance from a certified, commissioned skilled, you’ll facilitate maintain your central unit by:

Changing your air cleaner each 30-60 days.

Making sure your outside unit has correct air flow by removing rubble and cleanup the condenser unit

Learning further DIY AC maintenance.

Window AC Safety Tips

If you utilize a window air con unit, here area unit some tips to create positive it’s put in properly:

When choosing instrumentation, confirm it’s rated for the scale of the house you would like to cool down. confirm the unit has been tested by a recognized, freelance testing laboratory.

Do not plug your cooling system into associate electric cord or power strip. Your window unit ought to have its own dedicated outlet.

Never position window units close to water or wherever water is probably going to be spilled.

Clean or replace AC filters in line with manufacturer directions.

Periodically examine cords for harm, fraying, loose connections, and broken plugs. If you notice any harm, flip the unit off, unplug it, and replace the harm instrumentation of AC service dubai

Make sure the window and frame area unit secure and in good shape.

Never plan to install a window AC unit on your own. If potential, have an expert install your window unit.

Follow manufacturer directions fastidiously once putting in the window unit. There ought to be metal brackets, mounting rails, or some style of firm web. If the unit doesn’t work properly, don’t try and jerry-rig it with further materials, like picket blocks.

Never place something on prime of the window unit, like flower pots or bird feeders.

It’s an honest plan to tilt the unit slightly for voidance, however confirm it’s not a steep angle.

Do not use window units in windows that function a fireplace escape.

It may appear obvious, however don’t permit any pets or youngsters to drink the water that drips from the rear of the window cooling system.


Make sure the unit is off before propulsion the plug from the socket.

As with installation, ne’er plan to take away a window unit by yourself. operating alone is rarely suggested.

FYI, window AC units cause a lot of fires than central units. If you’re still counting on window units, speak with an expert HVAC technician regarding creating the switch.

If you’ve got any doubts regarding putting in window air con units, contact the professionals at Service Champions on MEP Design in Dubai

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