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Surefire ways to Boost Instagram Engagement in 2020

by Soft2share.com

Engagement is spoken of wherever social media is discussed. Today’s topic will cover increasing engagement on Instagram. Instagram changes all the business trends, allows us to promote services every day for free and I think that it is the engagement that is the most important here. Want to learn more about how to increase Instagram engagement and why is it so important when you run an online business? Stay with me and keep reading! The post is quite extensive, but don’t worry – I have prepared for you a compact Check List for download thanks to which your Instagram posts will engage like never before.

What does it mean “Commitment” at all?

Let’s start with the basics. It sounds like a heavily borrowed English word ‘engagement’, but engagement is simply interaction. In the case of Instagram – it’s about the interaction of other Instagram users with your content: likes, comments, marking others in the comment under the post, messages, etc.

Think about how you use Instagram. If you see on Instagram a beautiful photo of a pink couch (because who would not want to have a pink couch) and you like it, then you get involved. If you leave a comment below the valuable description of an experienced person – you are also involved.

It sounds simple, but the lack of commitment under our post can give us a headache and frustration. After all, everyone wants what we’ve shared on Instagram to be met with positive feedback, interaction, and commitment. Otherwise, you feel like you are speaking loudly and clearly to a group of people without receiving any response. And, it can hurt.

Why is Instagram Engagement Important?

Exactly. Everyone says this commitment, that commitment, you have to get involved because it’s so important. But why is this so important? This is important for the Instagram algorithm, which is based on user activity. Engagement is a sign for the algorithm that you create interesting, valuable content. An algorithm that measures high engagements allows your content to reach more people watching you. Because the truth is that your content without your own involvement – would only reach some of your followers.

But the algorithm is not everything. If someone is involved in your content – it lets you know that what you write has value and sense for them. It can be a more “lofty” value, such as inspiration, message, and education. But Instagram is an application that also has humor, creativity, and fun. Such content engages the most, arousing the liking of observers. 

Engagement Rate – How is Engagement Measured

Commitment is measured by the engagement rate, expressed as a percentage, calculated on the basis of the sum of likes and comments on your posts divided by the number of people watching you. So if you have an account that is followed by 150 people and you have 12 likes and 4 comments under the post – then the engagement rate is:

Engagement rate = (likes + comments) / followers x 100


10.7% = [(12 + 4) / 150] x 100

When you have a small number of observers and you are so-called with a young account, your engagement can be quite high and you will reach a large number of these observers with your content. Large accounts and old accounts, on the other hand, have a much lower involvement rate. Good news for owners of small accounts – take advantage of the high commitment, it will allow you to grow quickly!

Understanding Numbers – Good or Bad Engagement Rate?

After calculating your engagement rate, you can start analyzing and understanding what a number actually means and whether it’s good or bad. The following are engagement indicators for influencer accounts:

  • Less than 1% = low engagement rate
  • From 1% to 3.5% = average / good engagement rate
  • Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate
  • Above 6% = very high engagement rate

How to Increase Engagement

As you understand what commitment is, you also know that it should be a priority for you on Instagram. Now I will discuss ways to help you increase Instagram engagement. Thanks to this, your account will start to bring real benefits, thanks to which Instagram will contribute to the development of your business.

Post Content First, Then the Photo

Instagram is not the only beautiful photo. These are of course important because they represent the quality of our content, it is others who see it first. However, when we build an online brand, community or just a thriving business on Instagram, first of all – we need to define the purpose of our content. We think as a content creation strategist: we analyze, change and plan what we publish, when and for what purpose. What we don’t do – we don’t act on impulse.

Imagine the scene that you are at a coffee with a friend and after many attempts, you already have this perfect Instagram of your caramel cappuccino, which by the way has already cooled. And because you’ve already lost 45 minutes trying to take an Insta-picture – you don’t know how to describe it. And this post comes out like focia with the description: “I sit at Starbucks and I drink delicious caramel coffee. Have a nice afternoon, my love. “Nothing wrong with that, I used to do it once, but … You’re not just sitting furiously now drinking cold coffee. A friend took offense, and in addition, your post meets with the minimal response (because in fact, such a post does not contribute much to the recipient’s life). This can strongly discourage us from Instagram.

Create Content that Matters to your Followers

I often see accounts (and I’m sure you can see them too) that are kept by people who are focused only on themselves. Believe it or not, but no one likes to watch such a person – whether in real life or on Instagram. Create content with the needs of your followers, your target group in mind. Serve your community. Create content from which others can draw knowledge, inspiration, answer their questions or are memorable … Properly selected topics will meet with positive feedback from your observers. Don’t know which topics are? Check statistics from the last month (statistics can only be monitored if you have a business account). By analyzing the engagement under the posts – you’ll be able to find out which topics are most interesting to your publication. Repeat these topics regularly.

Your Photos (not just photos of your product)

Have you ever published your photo with an honest description in which you open yourself at least a little to your followers? If so, I can bet that this post won the most engagement. People build relationships much easier when they see a real person. Imagine, for example, that you want to find someone who would help you lose weight (or gain weight). You look at this person’s profile on Instagram – and there only photos of products, recipes, discounts and other promotions on services. It will be much easier to decide if this dietitian is for you or not if you can see who offers you these services.

You will probably say that you do not want to show private on Instagram, make your life public. You don’t have to – and this is the last thing I urge you to do. Identify a few topics that characterize you and talk about them regularly. For example: that you have a dog, that you like to paint, that you love fruit cocktails … whatever that makes you different (if you don’t know what it is, ask a friend).

Properly Selected Hashtags

Well-chosen hashtags can increase engagement. By choosing hashtags for your post, you can choose up to 30 keywords that define what you do and offer where you do it. Choosing hashtags think just like your potential customer would think to look for you. Incorrectly selected hashtags that have nothing to do with your post will result in low engagement.

Call to Action

If you use Instagram for business purposes, your content should not lack a call to action. You want others to get involved in your content – ask them for it! Even if you still have a relatively small Instagram community. Why? Thanks to well-chosen hashtags, dozens of people who use Instagram as a place of orientation in the purchase process can visit your profile every day. People use the platform to discover trends, research products before buying, and decide whether to make a purchase. Therefore, call to action should be included in every post you provide.

There are different ways to call for action – those with a lower level of engagement for your audience and those with a higher level of engagement.

It can be a call to action, which does not require your observer to make greater commitments, e.g. ask to like a post, leave a comment containing opinions, or to indicate a friend who might be interested in a given post. Mix the non-binding call to action with one that requires leaving an e-mail, completing the contact form or registering, e.g. for an event. Remember – Instagram is not yours, followers are today, and they are not tomorrow. So let’s focus on redirecting the user to your site and offer them interesting content in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter.

Time of Publication

We usually prepare posts a few days earlier, if they concern current affairs, then the day before at the latest. Thanks to this, we can publish them at the time when the engagement on our account is the highest. How do you know that – here the answer is to combine knowledge of the male group and testing? Think about when your followers are on Instagram. Test different post publishing times. However, if you are just starting, publish on weekdays between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. In the evening, between 19:00 and 20:00.

Reply to Comments

The greater engagement under fasting doesn’t just mean waiting for the response of others. After posting, allow yourself time to reply to comments on your post. It is important that you have this time right after publication because the more comments about an hour after publication – the more coverage your post will have. Yes, I’m talking about the algorithm again. There is another algorithm booster tool of buy Instagram followers UK.

In addition, I recommend getting involved with your followers. People take the time to get involved in your content, so why not get involved in their content? I guarantee that the comment left on someone’s profile will be honestly appreciated and may be reciprocated.

Finally, a bite – if you know your target group, you also know what hashtags it uses. Follow these hashtags and regularly engage in content published with this hashtag. Leave an interesting comment that opens the possibility of establishing a relationship that can result in cooperation or a new order. Avoid, however, meaningless comments like “mega” or “cool photo”. These only annoy Instagram account owners.

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