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The Art of Digital Marketing

by Soft2share.com

Planning to crack the success “code” of the next year digital marketing? Before you initiate making marketing strategies, you must know the very basic tricks that works best. And fortunately, that’s what this article is about.

The term refers to a methodology for being successful in the field of digital marketing. How much your tactics reflect consumers’ needs, will decide your possibility of success. And consumer’s preferences change every year. Predicting this change and upgrading your tricks accordingly is the art indeed.

Want to know what’re going to be the trends for 2018 digital marketing? Here is the expert’s review.

The “micro-moments” concept

It has already powered consumers’ control over their choices. And no doubt, mobile gadgets will continue influencing consumer’s interaction throughout 2018.

Today, 96% of consumers reach to their smartphones whenever they need any information. So each of the successful brands tends to address consumer’s micro-moment needs. Hence, an easy excess of information will make your brand more acceptable to them.


A video, nowadays, works as a strong promotional element. Nowadays people tend less to ‘read’ what your product will offer them. Rather, they are more tempted to visualize them.


Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great mediums for digital marketing. They create platforms for promoting products by highly engaging video features.

Nowadays, YouTube registers more young audiences than cable TV network during TV hour. And advertisers can gain 56% more audiences through YouTube advertising.

A Team of Influencers

Focusing on influential people instead of the target marketing is another newly-introduced trick. Influencer marketing identifies individuals those can easily influence the potential buyers. This plays the role of being a third party which can exist in two forms. They belong either to the supply chain or to value-added influencers (journalists).

Positive word-of-mouth can spread of awareness which is again a great influencer. Your customers can work as strong influencers themselves. All you have to do is to provide them the right information they need at the right time. If you can give them the solution of their problem when they need it most, your brand becomes a loyal name to them.

Thus, a team of influencer can be a great medium for the promotion of your brand.

Native Ads

Native ads have become quite popular as a digital marketing method. Interruptive ads on online are quite frustrating. You are browsing online and instantly a completely irrelevant ad pops out. How disturbing it would be! These out-of-context ads are a big NO for the users.

And Native ads cater it best. It allows brands to promote their offers in a comfortable way to the customer. A way that blends with the environment in a seamless manner making it non-disturbing.

CTR rates for native display ads are 4 times higher than that of non-native ads.

More customer-centric content

One of the very important goals in 2018 is the personalized experience for each consumer. But how it’s possible to know the specific need of each of the customer is catered perfectly?

Well, drift to dynamically rich content getting out from static traditional content. However, you can create a website containing automation plan for smart marketing. If customers’ preferences are matched perfectly, it’ll be a unique experience for them.

Again, the communicating way for a new customer should be different than that for a current one. If he has to go through the same message you use for your existing customers, it won’t create an impression on him.

Therefore, you can create a standard message. This will include readymade snapshot describing your offers and also an engaging content.

Smart content

Coming out of ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, it’s time to create smart content. Smart content personalizes customers’ needs. Moreover, it promotes different buyers’ perceptions. Thus, it results in a communication platform that fits each consumer’s requirement.

Studies show that 61% of consumers rely on companies that create individualized content. And 88% of digital marketing professionals are planning to add individualized element.

Content Developers

Unique and personalized content creates a long-lasting impression on customer’s mind. Therefore, it’s not enough that you hire a content writer who can write unique only. But He should also be knowledgeable enough to write on topics of various interests. It’ll attract larger audiences of different industries.

Therefore, investing on the content developer is a need for 2018 digital marketing.

Final verdict

In conclusion, three things will top 2018 digital marketing strategies. They are real buyer interaction, higher engagement, and more influential campaigns. Till now, 2017 has been the most active year for digital marketing. Therefore, you should immediately incorporate the above trends to your market planning.

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