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The Best Apps for Railway Travellers

by Soft2share.com

Mobile technology is in the process of revolutionizing travel, making it more efficient for both suppliers and consumers. You probably already use apps when travelling, whether it’s to find the nearest gas station or get a great deal on a last minute hotel. Mobile technology also offers a wide range of apps for passengers on rail networks throughout the world.

Today’s railway technology depends on an improvement in real-time updates to streamline services. On the one hand, a GSMR network helps train drivers communicate with one another more efficiently, while mobile apps are there on the other to make life easier for passengers. Whether you’re getting ready for your daily commute or are planning a trip abroad, try downloading the following hot apps for railway passengers.



One of the top destinations in the world for rail travel is mainland Europe. If you’re going to explore the countryside by train, you’ll want to download this free app. Railplanner was originally designed for holders of Eurail or InterRail passes, but it’s useful for shorter trips too. It covers train travel throughout Europe, offering detailed city maps and timetable information.


Masabi specializes in providing mobile ticketing, and to help facilitate this they have created apps that allow you to purchase, download, and show your tickets on the train without ever having to stop at the ticket booth. Masabi ticketing is used throughout the world, and their free apps give you an easy place to store your ticket and scan the barcode when needed. Tickets are stored offline, so you don’t have to worry about finding an internet connection. There’s also a travel planner with live timetables and maps.

Rail Commute

If you’re planning to see the English countryside by train, download the Rail Commute app by Network Rail Enquiries. It allows you to locate the next train to your destination, and alerts you to any delays. You can also keep tabs on twitter updates or send automatic updates to friends and family, so that they know just when to expect you.


The HopStop app has grown to now offer scheduling information for over 140 destinations, including cities across the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. You can plug in your departure and arrival points and it will plot out the easiest way to get there, including all connections. In addition to rail connections, it covers train, taxi, subway, biking, and walking directions so you’ll never be at a loss for how to get to your destination.

Tickety Split

Another UK-based app, Tickety Split shows you how to split up your train journey into two separate tickets. This can end up saving you a bundle, particularly if you commute regularly. In many cases, it’s cheaper to buy two tickets than a single fare, even if you never have to switch trains! At the very least, you can download the app to check your fare and see if it’s cheaper to split or not.

The next time you’re ready to hop on board, be sure to check these apps first to be sure you’re getting the best fare and quickest route!

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