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The Best Apps for Travel

by Soft2share.com

On vacation, travelers rely more on smartphones than ever before, not only as a source of inspiration, but also as a source of booking and logistics.

Fortunately, there are many applications that can help in everything: from daily booking of hotels to changing flights at the last minute, replacing heavy-duty guides and dictionaries of foreign languages, as well as local experts in this field. In principle, no matter what interest or need you have on the road, there is an app.

These are your favorite TPG apps to make your next adventure as smooth as possible – at the touch of a button (or two).

The best app for vacation plans


TripIt organizes all your travel itineraries and documents, so that you can collect everything in one place before arriving at your destination. Simply send your booking to TripIt and check out travel confirmations, flight directions, airline tickets, information about hotels and Airbnb, car booking, ferry tickets and travel directions in one convenient location. The app also allows you to easily share your travel plans with anyone who picks you up from the airport or train station and who may need to check with you or find out about your travel plans.

Google travel

Google Trips funds TripIt. The application offers individual tours, guides and maps, and also displays restaurants and / or monuments near your hotel. Google Trips collects all travel information from your Gmail account and easily saves it offline, so you can access it without Wi-Fi. Want to travel easier and save time? Consider using the functions of the application intended for the destination as an alternative to dragging heavy manuals or searching for a large number of letters to search for your booking.


Ideal for organizing the epic journey you’ve always wanted, Roadtrippers not only plan directions, but also allow you to book hotels along the way. This free application is especially useful for finding interesting and unpopular routes anytime, anywhere to help you find cool restaurants and unique sights that you can collect and return on the go.

Packer profession

Packing Pro will help you organize your suitcases and provide a list of products you need by category. First tell the application how many days your trip will take, where you are going and how the weather should look. You can also add other relevant information, such as whether you can use the washing machine or whether you want to swim. The application then provides a preliminary list of clothes, shoes and other essentials that you can change and save. In addition to the packing list, the app reminds you of any important things you need to do before you travel, such as changing your passport, getting a vaccine, or buying a first aid kit.


With PackPoint you can relax and just pack what you want to pack. The application shows what to take with you, based on your travel time, the weather of your destination and any actions you plan to do. If you can use the laundry service at your destination, PackPoint even allows you to wash clothes and wear them several times. Just download and install the app, enter the city you are visiting, and enter the dates of your trip. Do not wait until the day you travel – start collecting now!


Once you are ready to book your flight and hotel, please use Skiplagged to find the best deals and deals. The free application provides user-friendly, concise search capabilities, and even the most technically dangerous people can still solve this problem. The application also has many excellent filtering options when booking a hotel, so you can choose the most important functions for you, such as free parking or a pool, and see at a glance which properties are right for you.


This prestigious travel site also offers an app – the most popular travel app – that makes it easy to book flights and hotels. The app compares hundreds of travel sites to find the best deals.


Airbnb is a popular online store that allows users to search and rent a car and apartments, private rooms, hotel rooms or private rooms in the house. Although the Airbnb experience does not help you get any elite status, it can contribute to a unique local experience while traveling.

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