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The Best Data Science Certification

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Getting into data science is on the wish list of every profession these days. Apart from being a highly informative field for competent white-collars, data science is known for providing unmatchable remunerations to people that can carry the strenuous responsibilities that this domain encircles.

They say that jobs in data science are the hottest in the market today, so, everyone wants to experience the sizzles of being a part of this high-paced, exquisite area of work. Therefore, professionals in large numbers are moving towards the gateway of data science, however, anything which is this alluring has to be pricey. What I mean to say is that one might have to burn the candles from both ends to himself a place in the world of data science.

Hence, earning the right qualifications is a huge deciding factor for your journey in data science. Your educational background determines how good or bad your chances are of reaching your end goal. If you go by the opinion of industry experts, data science certifications are excessively helpful in building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in data science and taking you close to the entry point of the data science sphere. Especially because employers have steep regards for individuals who own data science certifications as they know what kind of a performance they can get out of them.

Although, skills required in data science professionals differ from one industry to another, so, there is a range of certifications for fulfilling a gamut of purposes and one has to choose as per their requirements.

The Best Data Science Certifications

Now, let us have a look at the most sought after certifications in the data science realm.

  1. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification Program

It is a certification program created by Dell EMC meant for newcomers. It is designed to provide hands-on knowledge to the practitioners. Many industry experts have described this certification as a highly comprehensive learning program. Once you earn this data scientist certification, employers shall consider you as a proven professional. It will give an assurance to recruiters and managers that you own the required skills that they wish to have in their firm’s data scientist.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

It is a vendor-neutral certification offered by CAP. It helps you send a message to the employers that you are not inclined or biased to particular software. The certificate also showcases that own a wide range of skills in your field.  The program has been crafted in a way that it helps you balance out varies skills related to your industry.

  1. Senior Data Scientist

This data science certification has been fabricated by Data Science Council of America (DASCA) which is an industry-known institution for emanating authentic skills in data science and producing a line of professionals who possess the competence to manage arduous tasks of data science with uttermost ease.

SDS is apt for all people coming from varied backgrounds, especially for Big Data analysts and technologists wanting to enter this realm.

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