Home Business The Business Upscale: How Helpful Is Technology In The Hospitality Industry In The New Normal?

The Business Upscale: How Helpful Is Technology In The Hospitality Industry In The New Normal?

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The Business Upscale: How Helpful Is Technology In The Hospitality Industry In The New Normal?

Technology has added so much to people during this pandemic, from buying necessities, paying bills and more inclusive connections to users. The new normal is the slow transition of communities and several industries to bounce back from restrictions. How will technology help them?

How affected are the tourism and accommodation industry by the pandemic?

Due to the unforeseen global catastrophe that everyone faces, almost all industries that concerned mobility and travel have been halted. Each nation did various lockdowns and travel restrictions to help prevent the virus from spreading. But fortunately, the vaccine came to the rescue! Some hotel and tourism activities may continue aligned with safety measures. That’s when hotel self check in solutions became handy and useful for everyone.

What are the benefits of equipping your hotel with self-check-in kiosks?

When countries have lifted the local travelling, various hotels have offered staycation promos. And hotel self check solutions benefit both the business owners, staff and consumers. How? Here are some benefits on both parties that you will gain:

  • Safety

Despite the leniency of restrictions, business establishments should still operate according to the precautionary measures issued by the law. This includes social distancing wearing of face masks if necessary and limiting the maximum capacity of an establishment. Self-check-in kiosks minimise physical contact possibilities that consumers and staff may get from falling in line. And through the advancement in technology, all the requirements that a traveller may need can be sent in the kiosk and stored in a database if needed for contact tracing or any pressing matter.

  • More marketing opportunities

With the data you have gathered, you can send your guests promos and deals and keep them updated with any upcoming events that your company is hosting. But with their approval, of course. Aside from promotion, you can encourage them to be upscale by providing them with more options to improve their stay.

  • Exclusivity

Every consumer has different preferences, and it is expected in the accommodation industry that you make them feel valued and important. With the help of a self-check kiosk, you give them a chance to personalise their stay at your hotel. And since guests may sometimes arrive and leave in an unexpected time, the kiosks will be convenient for them because it is fully operational 24/7.

  • Efficiency

This saves time both for the staff and consumers. Can you imagine the amount of work taken off from staff because of these kiosks? Now that they have less work to do, they can focus more on improving their service and ensuring that they leave with smiles on their faces. The hassle and danger of being in contact with strangers while on vacation may cause anxiety to some people. And it conveniently collects customer feedback so that a business establishment would know what to improve on their services. 

The technology that the world already has made things easier and more accessible to people in just a few taps. Such improvement and this unconventional approach will surely entice and be appreciated by guests. In the hospitality industry, the main goal is to give them the most relaxing time of their life. So, start with accessibility and efficiency through modern technology!

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