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The essential parts of a Pinball machine

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The people who are willing to buy the pinball machines need to know about some essential parts of it. It is primitive to know about the adversary if you want to win, same as the pinball machine is the opponent. So it is quite important to know about the several parts of the pinball machine. By knowing these parts, you can familiar with some gaming strategies as well as how to play perfectly. In this way, you can spend hours on pinball machines. The best pinball machines are available in different models at different prices. If you are passionate about playing pinball at home, you can buy it conveniently.

Let’s dive in and have a look at some parts of the pinball machine!


Plunger considers as a spring-loaded rod that has specifically designed to introduce the ball into the playfield. The players have to force the plunger to put the ball into the playfield. It only uses at once when you start the game. Once you put the ball into the playfield, the ball will remain there until the game over. In simple words, the plunger is used at the beginning of every game.

The playfield

Playfield tends to be the most essential part of the game. it is the area where you play the game. The pinball machine is nothing without a playfield. On the playfield, all the actions have been done, and it has made with wooden. This piece of wood is coated with different layers of paint that make it smooth. In the playfield, you can also see the obstacles, holes, targets as well as bumpers. These are the challenges that you have to complete as a pinball player.

Tilt sensor

The purpose of the tilt sensor is to prevent the players from cheating. Most of the skilled players are familiar that how to nudge the machine to achieve the target. They are also familiar that how to nudge without tripping the tilt sensor. The sensor may help to stop the game by locking the flippers. Moreover, the slam tilt switch helps to guide the machine that how to deal with aggressive players.


The pinball machine flippers look like a lever that can be handled electronically in the machine. The flippers help to manipulate the ball in a certain direction. In this way, the player hits the target to increase the scores or points. The flippers are also known as Humpty Dumpty pinball machine. It has a place in the center of the drain.


Bumpers consider the round knobs that have placed above few millimeters of the playfields. Mostly, when the ball hits the first bumper, it does nothing. These are called passive bumpers. At present, all the latest pinball machines have pop or jet bumpers. These bumpers propel the ball away again and again.  


Playfield has some holes that help to give the large bonus and increase the points of the player. Once the ball enters the hole, it comes out from the different areas of the playfield. It may depend on your game performance that how much you’re skilled. You can get a chance to increase your scores by putting the ball into the holes.


These are some essential parts of the pinball machine that are necessary to know.

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