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The Evolution Of Games: How Far Have They Made It?

by Soft2share.com

Games have been a reliable source of entertainment for thousands of years. When a long day of work is over, there is nothing like relaxing at home, unwinding, and playing a fun game. They not only help people to relax, but they bring a smile to the players as they socialize and help them to forget about the day’s troubles. So, just how far have games gone over the last one hundred years?



In the past, board games and card games were some of the most popular types of entertainment around. Of course, there were also sports as well; however, we are highlighting the games that don’t involve much physical activity. If it were not for the advancements in technology, board games and card games would probably still hold their popularity. They are still fairly common and well known; but rarely played as far as most families go.
Once technology unveiled the first electronic games (such as the Atari and arcade games), they began to take off at lightning speed in popularity. They quickly began to take over traditional games, as they offered more excitement for solo players. As the nineties came along, we were soon bombarded with many different gaming consoles, from the Gameboy to the Playstation; there were tons of options by this time. Little did we know, the gaming industry had yet to explode even further.
By the late nineties, computers became a common device in many family homes, encouraging the development of games that were more entertaining than Solitaire or Free Cell. Thus, PC games became widely available. They offered just as much as most gaming consoles, and usually much more. As they grew, more intricate games were developed. This paved the way for games such as Quake and Duke Nukem.
As time forged on, we eventually made our way to virtual gaming and online games. Currently, this is where we stand. You can find virtual games at Ladbrokes.com; the popular ones being animal games such as Virtual Horses, Virtual Dogs, Golden Guineas and sports games such as Soccershots, Penalty Shoot Out, Shanghai Darts etc. There is a wide range to choose from according to your interest. You can even play many popular online games through your social networking accounts (such as Facebook). Games have evolved so much that we now have open socialization and interaction with many different games; from games offered on the Playstation 3, on PC, or even through a gaming website.
Social interaction and online group gameplay has revolutionized the world of gaming, as have motion sensing technology that is used in consoles such as the Wii and the Xbox 360 Kinnect. Now days, many children are absorbed into gaming, especially on smartphones. The touch screen allows a player much more versatility and range of motion than a regular keyboard or keypad oriented phone.
Games are still advancing even further, and in the next ten years I am sure that we will see many of today’s popular games as nostalgic and ancient; however, they will always be entertaining and fun. As game play evolves and attracts new players and younger generations, it will continue to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

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