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The Impact Of WhatsApp Business API Across Industries

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The traditional business models have been changed drastically due to digitalisation and the emergence of new technologies. Companies want to maintain an edge over their competitors, so they want to enhance their customer experience. A happy and satisfied customer helps in improving the growth of the business. In today’s time, there are multiple channels available like voice calls, emails, SMS etc., through which companies can stay in touch with their customers. Some messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook messenger are becoming popular communication channels. With billions of active users worldwide, WhatsApp is considered one of the most preferred messaging channels.

Considering the reach and enormous business potential, the messaging brands have launched Whatsapp business to help small, medium, and large companies create their positive image and engage with the targeted customers. The introduction of WhatsApp business API has created excellent opportunities for industries.

How can Whatsapp business API be a game-changer across various industries?

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp not only help the business to engage with their customers and provide them with a sense of satisfaction. But it also helps brands to expand their reach, increase conversions, improve the delivery rate of messages and also helps in having a secure conversation with the customers. It can help the companies to have a competitive edge. Here is the list of ways how WhatsApp business API for developers and brands becomes a game-changer for the industries:

Injects brand personality with every interaction

Strengthening a positive brand relationship with the customers is the holy grail of most companies. It offers a brand with a secure, personal environment to have a personalised conversation with the customers. It helps businesses to advertise their brands while having a conversation with the customers.

Connect with customers on preferred channels

To offer top-class customer services, businesses must communicate with their customers on their preferred channels. Connecting on the preferred channels helps satisfy customers and helps the company reach out to their targeted customers effectively without any hassle.

Enables real-time conversation

Whatsapp helps the customers to interact with businesses in a real-time frame. It helps in delivering high quality, reliable and convenient two-way messaging service worldwide.

Industries using WhatsApp business API

With approximately 84% of small and medium scale businesses using WhatsApp API as a conversation channel, it is becoming one of the powerful communication channels that helps to serve a wider audience.

Here are four popular industries that use Whatsapp business API to strengthen their omnichannel user engagement stack:


E-commerce companies have a face-to-face conversation with their customers. Due to this reason, they should make their online interaction instant and powerful. Whatsapp business API helps companies to meet their growth goal seamlessly.


To deliver unified healthcare solutions, the healthcare sector focuses on faster and reliable communication channels. Sending appointment confirmations/reminders, prescription updates, and medical test reports plays an important role.

Online travel agencies

By showing customers the added value they bring beyond price, the online travel agencies can increase their revenue earning opportunities beyond ticket bookings.


Introducing WhatsApp business API helps banking and financial service sectors to manage their customer conversations effectively. Banks and financial sectors can keep their customers informed for processes like OTP authentication, transactional alerts, policy renewal reminders etc.

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