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The Justification to Switch to Electric Cars

by Soft2share.com

Regardless of the current projections, the family nowadays face many daily issues in terms of its economic life as well as environmental future. A family of four nowadays needs to scrimp and save to be able to extend the meager income they receive, as fuel drives up the costs of many other basic necessities. This current fuel requirement also adds on to the pending environmental crisis in the horizon. With this as a backdrop, a decision has to be made not only for the short-term benefits but also for the long-term savings for the family.

The current economic crisis and the projected environmental doom serve many justifications on why a mother and her family should switch to electric cars. These are as follows:


Lower Cost. Compared to current combustion engine cars, the electric car is much cheaper to purchase, operate and maintain. While at first glance electric cars cost much more, current federal and state tax rebates generally lower the purchase cost. The fuel cost at the pump has now reached exorbitant levels for the standard car. On the other hand, electricity is much cheaper as this is what is used to power an electric car. Also, the lower number of moving parts makes the electric car a lower cost investment in the long run. This makes an electric car a low cost low maintenance vehicle with a front loaded cost but long-term savings generating machine.

Greater Reliability. Unlike internal combustion engines, electric cars have motors that have few moving parts. Like an electric fan’s motor, the electric car’s motor needs little maintenance of fluids, such as engine oil and transmission fluid as well as operable in any weather, such as anti-freeze. When the motor breaks down, it is easily replaceable. There is no need for mechanics and servicing as the car is very easily repaired through replacement of parts. Also, it is more efficient in generating power to the fuel used, unlike an internal combustion engine that loses energy through heat loss.

No Pollution. The electric vehicle is a noiseless, pollution free and environmentally safe alternative to the internal combustion engine. There are no noxious fumes as well as unsafe liquids that can easily be introduced to the environment, unlike what a normal car poses when on the road. There are no pollutants introduced to the air also there are no pollutants secreted to landfills when the car is no longer usable. While many criticize that electric cars would only pass on the pollution from one user to another, the electricity generated does not increase tremendously as the requirement for pollution generating fuel is much more efficiently utilized with the electric car.

Thus for a family on a tight daily budget, any form of savings can help a long way. This savings is in the form of daily commuting cost, cost of maintenance and replacement as well as savings for the environment in the lessening of greenhouse gases. Despite the frontloaded cost, the electric car has been provided many incentives that in turn are transformed to savings and investment to the country.

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