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The Latest Blackberry Phones and Their Features

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Mobile phones are the latest ‘must have’ accessory and even the least technology savvy among us is more than likely to own one of the many smartphones now available. From the gadget conscious teenagers to on-the-go business professionals, mobile phones are the centre of our busy lives. They hold calendars and reminders, allowing us to access emails and search engines, as well as giving us the opportunity to share photos, messages and even videos with our loved ones.


There are many phone companies to choose from, of course, but Blackberry remains a leading player in the industry. Blackberry spent many of their early years focussing on business users and making comprehensive phones and apps that made life easier for a busy work life. Many large corporations were impressed by their capabilities and Blackberry instantly came into demand. When mobile phones were no longer just for the high flying businessperson, Blackberry saw the opportunity to open up to the growing wider market and made sure their handsets were changing with the times.

Despite some recent troubles Blackberry has come back at their critics with a couple of impressive new phones. Their timeless style and full capabilities also mean that the older handsets retain a good amount of market value and if you wanted to say sell an old Blackberry Curve 8520 for cash, you are likely to make a fair amount to put towards one of their newer editions.

Introducing the Z10

The first of their latest offerings is the impressive Blackberry Z10, which is said to be a rival to Apple’s popular handset, the iPhone 5. In looks, it is a sleek, thin and sophisticated smartphone offering a 4.2inch touchscreen with a high resolution that gives superb sharpness and clarity to whatever you’re viewing. At just 0.35 inches wide and weighing just under five ounces, it fits comfortably in your hand, whilst still slipping easily into a pocket or bag. The 1.5GHz dual core and 2GB of RAM make it powerful and responsive and it is powered by the impressive new Blackberry10 software.

The Z10 is perfect for those who like to snap pictures or video, with an 8 megapixel camera to the rear and 2 megapixel camera to the front. It also offers the new ‘time shift’ mode which takes pictures both before and after you press the button to ensure you get the right picture.

The stylish Q10

Blackberry has also just launched the Blackberry Q10, which is similar in style to older handsets, with both a 3.1inch touchscreen and a wide physical qwerty keyboard. You get the same power, response and storage as the Z10 as well as an equally powerful camera, with the added bonus of a keyboard for replying to emails or adding messages to social networking sites.

 Daniel Caver is a mobile handset expert and has worked in the industry for a number of years. He spends his time advising clients on how to sell old Blackberry phones for cash, as well as some other models and promoting the latest gadgets.

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