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The Main Requirements of the MUET Essay Writing 2019/2020

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Are you considering joining a local university in Malaysia or Singapore? If so, chances are, you are aware of the Malaysian University English Test. It’s commonly referred to as MUET.

It’s an English proficiency test, similar to TOEFL and IELTS, run and managed by the Malaysian Examination Council. The test is divided into four sections, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The latter is what you may refer to as the MUET essay.

Essential Facts about the MUET Exam

  • Universities in Malaysia and some in Singapore use the MUET test to assess the proficiency level of their applicants, in English. It’s for admission purposes.
  • Each year, there are three opportunities to take the test; March, July, and November.
  • Registration for the exam is on the Malaysian Examinations Council website. You have to pay a fee of 100 Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
  • Those eligible to sit the exams are:

1.Matriculation students

2. Diploma students

3. Students at the pre-university level

4. STPM candidates

It applies to those who wish to pursue their first-degree program at a local university.

When it comes to the MUET essay writing Requirements

The MUET essay writing section takes 90 minutes to complete. This section carries about 30% of your total score.

It comprises of two parts:

1.    Report writing

Here, you are provided with a short piece of text or graphic, where you need to interpret the information and write a summary of it. It could be in the form of a line or bar graph, pie chart, table, or a diagram illustrating a process.

To answer this question, start with a title for the summary (underline it). Use the Introduction to state the primary feature and time frame for the given visual(s). Next, you need to provide an overview of the connection between the presented information.

Then, an analysis depending on the question, as you conclude by rephrasing the overview.

2.    Essay writing

It’s a lengthy writing task on the given topic. Since it’s worth more marks, it’s advisable to start with this part first. It could be an analytical, descriptive, argumentative, or persuasive essay.

Therefore, it’s paramount to read and understand the given instructions for essay writing Malaysia. As an essay question, your response needs to have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Include a clear thesis statement in the Introduction. Then, provide relevant examples to back your position. Ensure that the points have a natural flow and that you elaborate your arguments.

Similar to the report writing section; you need to conclude by restating your thesis statement. You can also go further and provide predictions and suggestions for the future.

Your answer needs to be at least 350 words. The reader will also consider your organizational skills and command f vocabulary and language when awarding marks. Pay attention to these.

Pro Tips in Preparing for the MUET Writing section

Working on your grammar will help you formulate correct sentences. Try to read more English books. As you do this, observe how the author(s) form their sentences to convey a message.

Applying the techniques identified will enable you to write better. If you aren’t confident in your grammar, focus on developing concise sentences, not just combining complicated words.

Go through various past papers to prepare yourself mentally on what to expect, too.

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