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The Many Ways Home Automation Can Help You

by Soft2share.com

Home automation is also known as “The Internet of Things”.
The field earned this nickname because of home automation’s ability to interlink a wide range of home devices and have them under automated control. For any naysayers out there, realize that the field of home automation, according to recent financial projections, is expected to exceed five billion dollars in 2016 alone. Builders of luxury new homes in Tampa, Fl; Los Angeles, CA; and in other cities across the US are being built so Smart home systems will easily be incorporated.


Logistics of Home Automation
In recent years, home automation has been synched up with iPhone and Android devices to enable users to remotely do everything from brew their favorite cup of coffee to water the lawn to downloading weather reports.Many home security companies are branching out their services to meet the high demand for home automation systems.

Home automation works by creating an algorithm that dictates how, when and why a device should respond to a series of prompts. Everything in your home from toasters to home entertainment systems can be streamlined to your schedule while the rest of the work, like watering houseplants, is automated.

Convenience and Security
In a nutshell, the field of home automation is predicated on bringing savings, convenience and autonomy to Smart technology users around the country. Convenience means having the ability to control the temperature and lighting of any area in the house from your bedroom while automating the ceiling heater in the bathroom to kick in at five in the morning, just before your wake up and take a shower.

Security, home entertainment and lighting, according to recent data, account for well over half of the residential home automation market share. The beauty of integrating security with home automation is that problems can be combated before they arise. Consider that these technologies can light one or all rooms in the house if the motion detector picks up any activity while you’re away, this type of technology isn’t fully implemented in any high-class home security systems or elsewhere.

Another perk of home automation is the ability to control how security threats are handled. Home owners working within a Smart environment can decide whether movement in one part of the house deserves a call to the police department or less severe action like a discrete email to the administrator.  For a practical example, consider your local home security system distributor that includes three months of free monitoring including surveillance cameras and wireless security.

Saving Money
Home automation can lead to more money in your wallet over the short and long haul. We were all taught in grade school to cut off lights when we exit rooms. Did you know, though, that muting the lamp intensity can save potentially hundreds of dollars every year?

Another money-saving home automation factor to consider is that heat – in the form of an iron or hot water heater – is the heaviest sucker of electricity in your home. Home automation can ensure that while you’re sleeping, or in rooms that don’t really need to be heated at night, certain sectors of the house are kept less balmy while your snooze, resulting in energy savings.

Home automation thermostats can be programmed to automatically crank up the heat at the exact moment, or right before, you wake up. Another money-saving tip is to go easy on the heat while you’re at work when nobody would benefit from that extra comfort anyway. Home automation extends to overlooked things like drape controllers as well – drapes and curtains can be remotely closed during the daylight hours to reduce cooling costs in the warm summer months.

When you consider that home automation can provide financial benefits by reducing heating/cooling costs, you begin to understand why it’s a growing industry.


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