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The Most Common Situations In Which Vehicles Use Emergency Flashing Lights

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When you see a vehicle with emergency lights, it alerts you to a situation on the road. It provides you the knowledge of when to steer clear and when to be on the lookout so you can spot the emergency vehicle more quickly. Therefore, it is crucial for every single driver and road user to understand when it is okay to use Emergency Flashing Lights. The most common situations for using these flashing lights are explored below:

Broken Down Vehicle
Broken down vehicles are dangerous. Without the proper use of emergency flashing lights, the occupants of oncoming vehicles and the broken down vehicle can be put in danger. A spare tire or engine trouble could turn into something more deadly, all because another vehicle was unable to spot the broken down car at the side of the road in time. If in a non-emergency vehicle, it is recommended to use your hazard lights or road flares to alert other drivers. However, the decision to use your hazard lights is determined by each specific situation. For example, if a vehicle is broken down on the side of the road with lights hidden on one side by other parked cars or objects, it could confuse other drivers by giving them the impression you intend to pull out. Therefore, if your hazard lights could present more potential risks by being activated than if they were not, then it is best to keep them off.

Emergency Medical Situations
The most critical time for flashing lights is during emergency medical situations. Many of these circumstances require a vehicle to move through traffic as quickly as possible, although there are some instances where emergency vehicles will instead move much slower than traffic. By using emergency lighting and sirens, other drivers are notified to pull over to the side to allow the vehicle to pass. Emergency vehicles can include fire trucks, police vehicles, and emergency medical services.

Oversized Loads
When an item doesn’t fit in a vehicle properly, drivers must move more slowly. For road transport, an oversized load is considered anything that exceeds the standard (or legal) size of a vehicle in length, height, weight, width, and/or per-axle limits. (Examples of this could include industrial equipment, pre-built homes, construction machinery, and more). In some cases, the use of additional vehicles with emergency flashing lights will help both the safety of the oversized load and the other drivers on the road.

Severe Weather
During severe weather, it can be hard to see in front of your vehicle. Snow, rain, fog, and other situations can make it difficult to make out vehicles that are moving even a few feet in front of you, no matter how fast your windshield wipers can move. During severe weather, most drivers will drive at a slower pace. To alert other drivers to their slower speeds, slow-moving cars can utilize flashing lights to signal that other vehicles can proceed past the car with caution. Sometimes lights used during weather even influence other drivers to drive safer.

Traffic Stop
Another of the most common situations emergency lights are used in is during a traffic stop by police officers. Traffic stops can occur for a variety of reasons, from routine traffic citations to car accidents. Therefore, whenever you see traffic stop you should always slow down. If it is safe, move over away from the police vehicles. In fact, in many states, you are required to move over by law (known as the Move Over law).

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